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2011-12 Teaching and Learning Workshop for
Pre-Tenure Theological School Faculty

Application Deadline was January 14, 2011

First Session: July 11-16, 2011 (Wabash College)
Second Session: January 19-22, 2012 (Corpus Christi, Texas)
Third Session: June 18-23, 2012 (Wabash College)

Leadership Team
Theodore Hiebert, McCormick Theological Seminary (Director)
Michel Andraos, Catholic Theological Union
Loida Martell-Otero, Palmer Theological Seminary
Katherine Turpin, Iliff School of Theology
Paul O. Myhre, Wabash Center

Eric Barreto, Luther Seminary
Andrew Davis, Seattle University
Amy Erickson, Iliff School of Theology
Garrett Galvin, Franciscan School of Theology
Shauna Hannan, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary
Mariam Kamell, Regent College
Juana Laura Manzo, St. John's Seminary in CA
Mindy McGarrah Sharp, Phillips Theological Seminary
Veronice Miles, Wake Forest University Divinity School
Robert Muthiah, Haggard School of Theology at Azusa Pacific Univ
Lance Pape, Brite Divinity School at TCU
Miriam Perkins, Emmanuel School of Religion
Anjulet Tucker, Boston University School of Theology
Karyn L Wiseman, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

• Pre-tenure, full-time, tenure-track status or other continuing position
• Teaching in an accredited seminary or theological school in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada
• Doctoral degree in hand at the time of application
• Final tenure decision date no earlier than Spring 2012
• Commitment to full participation from the opening to closing for all three workshop sessions

Read our Policy on Full Participation (click here)  

The purpose of the workshop is to create a community of committed and skilled teachers who will explore the following:

  • Their understanding and practice of teaching
  • How the process of tenure preparedness impacts their understanding of teaching as a vocation, their teaching strategies, and how they negotiate issues of power and authority within their institutions
  • How issues of diversity – cultural, racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation, and others – influence their teaching roles within their institutions and in the larger academic world
  • The concrete artifacts of teaching including: syllabi, tenure portfolio, teaching methods, assignments, evaluations, publications, and others
  • The importance of developing collegial relationships that will enrich their professional and academic lives
  • The changing situation of theological education today and consequential demands on educators
  • The importance of balancing work and play as an integral part of the teaching vocation

To this end, the workshop balances plenary sessions with small group discussions and workshop sessions, structured and unstructured social time, and time for relaxation, exercise, meditation, restoration, and lots of good food and drink.

Workshop Goals

  • To provide a space for participants to reflect self-critically on their identity and vocation as teachers, their practice of teaching, and their role within the larger institution
  • To cultivate skills of collegiality for professional development and sustenance during the workshop and beyond
  • To address issues of power, authority, and privilege in teaching and learning and how these issues intersect the previous stated goals
  • To examine the tenure process within the larger framework of the teaching vocation
  • To provide a gracious environment for restoration, relaxation, and recreation

Participants will receive a stipend of $3,400 for full participation in the three sessions, plus local expenses and travel.

Please Note: U.S. Law prohibits the Wabash Center from paying stipends to participants with certain classes of foreign national status. The Wabash Center is, however, able to reimburse ALL participants for travel and other expenses.
Read More (click here)

Immigration status has no bearing on the Wabash Center's selection of participants. It impacts only our ability to pay these participants a stipend. We deeply regret these restrictions but are confident that participants who are not eligible for a stipend will nonetheless find our programs valuable even without a stipend.

Follow-up Summer Fellowship or Grant
All participants are eligible to apply for a research fellowship or a research grant to advance their professional development as teaching scholars. These awards are for five weeks of dedicated research and writing during the second summer of the workshop.
Pre-Tenure Workshop Summer Grant and Fellowship Program

More Information
Paul O. Myhre, Associate Director
Wabash Center
301 West Wabash Ave.
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

Wabash Center 301 W. Wabash Avenue Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933 wabashcenter@wabash.edu
(765)361-6047 phone (800) 655-7117 toll-free (765)361-6051 fax

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