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Wabash Center – AAR Syllabi Project

The American Academy of Religion (AAR) and the Wabash Center are partnering to provide an improved database of syllabi in the field.

We are collaborating to collect and make available syllabi from various courses across the fields of religious and theological studies.  This effort involves integrating and housing the over 600 syllabi currently available through the AAR Syllabus Project with the over 1400 syllabi contained in the Wabash Center's Religion on the Web.  This integration includes improved syllabi updating features along with the development of a larger, more robust database of syllabi on topics related to theology and religious studies.  

Search for Syllabi linked from the Wabash Center Religion on the Web

We welcome links to recent syllabi. All submitted syllabi should have the following items prominently indicated at the top of the syllabus:
  • title of the course
  • professor's name
  • institution
  • semester/year
  • level (undergraduate introductory, undergraduate advanced, or graduate level)

Submit syllabi to:
Thomas Pearson
Associate Director, Wabash Center

Wabash Center 301 W. Wabash Avenue Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933 wabashcenter@wabash.edu
(765)361-6047 phone (800) 655-7117 toll-free (765)361-6051 fax

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