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Aspects of Religion
Death and dying:
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Title & Annotation
syllab "Death, Dying, and the Afterlife"
A 2012 course by Rebecca Moore at San Diego State University.
•  Death and dying
etext Death and Dying
A collection on articles by various authors.
•  Death and dying
•  Online Text Collection
syllab "Speaking Stones"
A course by Emil Homerin at the University of Rochester.
•  Death and dying
web Healing Care Resources
"Welcome to Sam Oliver's author and speaker web pages on grief and loss issues, healing care resources, inspirational, and motivational topics of interest. Here you will find books and articles to help you cope and thrive through your grieving process."
•  Death and dying
•  Pastoral counseling
syllab "Contemporary Religious Thought: Death and Dying"
A 2001 course by Amir Hussain at California State University, Northridge.
•  Death and dying
syllab "Death and Dying"
A 1998 course by Liz Nutting at Temple University.
•  Death and dying
syllab "Death and Its Beyond: Experience, Myths and Rituals"
A 1998 course by James Halstead at DePaul University.
•  Death and dying
syllab "Grief, Death and Dying"
A 1998 course by Christopher Ross at Wilfrid Laurier University.
•  Death and dying
syllab "Love and Death"
A 2001 course by Paula Cooey at Macalester College.
•  Death and dying
syllab "Sociology of Dying, Death, and Bereavement"
A 1998 course by Michael Leming at St. Olaf College.
•  Death and dying
syllab "Death and the Afterlife in the World's Religions"
A 2009 course by Ellen Posman at Baldwin Wallace College.
•  Death and dying
web Embracing Our Dying
"In our website, Embracing Our Dying, we bishops of California have provided a resource for Catholics facing end-of-life issues. The name for the site was selected because we know that if those who are dying are embraced by their family and their community, they will not seek death, but will live their last days well, and then accept death when it comes. And 'embracing our dying' is the best way to stop the call for the legalization of assisted suicide. Our website offers a better way for individuals, families and friends to approach end-of-life issues."
•  Catholic Church
•  Death and dying
ejournal "Death and Dying as a Theological Dialogue"
An essay by Peggy Way.

•  Death and dying
•  Online Article or Essay
syllab "Conceptions of the Afterlife"
A 2012 course by James Santucci at California State University, Fullerton.

•  Death and dying
syllab "Religion, Love, and Death"
A 2012 course by Mark Unno at the University of Oregon.

•  Death and dying
•  Religion and culture
syllab "Caring in Depth: Death and Dying"
A 2012 course by Mindy McGarrah Sharp at Phillips Theological Seminary.
•  Death and dying
•  Pastoral ministry
A Spring 2015 course taught by Stephen Prothero at Boston University


•  Religion -- Introductory courses
•  Religion and culture
•  Death and dying
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