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Aspects of Religion
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web Eckhart Society
"The Eckhart Society was formed in 1987. Its current aims are: To promote the understanding and appreciation of Eckhart's writings and their importance for Christian thought and practice. To facilitate scholarly research into Eckhart's life and works. To promote the study of Eckhart's teaching as a contribution to interreligious dialogue."
•  Eckhart, Meister, 1260-1328
•  Mysticism
•  Religion -- Professional societies -- Single author
web Inner Explorations
"Where Christian mysticism, theology and metaphysics meet Eastern religions, Jungian psychology and a new sense of the earth."
•  Mysticism
web Roots of Western Mysticism Resources
This site offers information on Augustine, Hildegard of Bingen, Jacob Boehme, and others. Maintained by Bruce Janz
•  Mysticism
top site web Who's Who in the History of Western Mysticism
Brief biographies by Professor Bruce Janz of Augustana University College, in Camrose, Alberta. Also includes links to further resources on the mystics covered.
•  Mysticism
top site biblio Bibliographies for Studies of Spirituality & Mysticism
This and the following bibliographies are excellent guides to print resources. Compiled by Fr. William Harmless, S.J.
•  Mysticism
•  Spirituality
syllab "Christian Mysticism"
A course by Mary Suydam at Kenyon College.
•  Mysticism
syllab "Journey and Illumination: Jewish and Hindu Mystical Expressions"
A course by Miriam Dean-Otting at Kenyon College.
•  Mysticism
syllab "Gender in Medieval Christian Mysticism"
A course by Deeana Klepper at Boston University.
•  Mysticism
•  Women -- Religious aspects
top site web Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism
"This project seeks to provide a forum for electronically mediated scholarly discussion about Jewish mystical traditions in the eastern Christian texts." The seminar is directed by Alexander Golitzin, a professor of eastern Christian theology at Marquette University.
•  Judaism
•  Mysticism
•  Orthodox Eastern Church
web Monachos.net: Orthodox Mysticism & Patristics
"Monachos.net exists to further the study of Orthodox Christianity through reflection on its patristic, monastic, liturgical and ecclesiastical heritage. Its aim is to be a resource for academic, scholarly and personal study, a forum for the provision of patristic source and secondary materials as well as ecclesiastical information on related matters, an environment for the discussion of and reflection upon the Church's patristic, monastic, liturgical and ecclesiastical heritage, and a means of providing access to materials on the Church's thought and life." Maintained by M.C. Steenberg.
•  Christianity -- Early church
•  Mysticism
•  Orthodox Eastern Church
syllab "Mystical Literatures of Islam"
A course by Travis Zadeh at Haverford College.
•  Islam
•  Mysticism
ejournal Rose+Croix Journal
"In the spirit of the free philosophic inquiry that characterized the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, the Rose+Croix Journal is an international, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal that focuses on topics that relate to the sciences, history, the arts, mysticism, and spirituality, especially interdisciplinary topics and transdisciplinary inquiries that traverse and lie beyond the limits of different fields of study. These topics may relate to any of the arts and sciences and/or to other emerging fields of human endeavor."
•  Mysticism
•  Spirituality
•  Online Journal
ejournal "Mysticism"
An article by Jerome Gellman in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
•  Mysticism
•  Online Article or Essay
ejournal "Theology and Mysticism in the Tradition of the Eastern Church"
An essay by Vladimir Lossky.
•  Mysticism
•  Orthodox Eastern Church
•  Online Article or Essay
syllab "Jewish Mysticism"
A 1997 course by Eliezer Segal at the University of Calgary.
•  Judaism
•  Mysticism
syllab "Comparative Mystical Literature"
A 2002 course by Michael Sells at Haverford College.
•  Mysticism
syllab "Mysticism"
A 1998 course by Jordan Paper at York University.
•  Mysticism
web Centers of Light
"The Centers of Light are mystical Christian schools and communities dedicated to consciousness, spiritual growth, and empowerment. Much like the spiritual communities that mystics such as St. Francis of Assisi and Paramahansa Yogananda created, the Centers of Light are shining, warm places for people searching for inner truth, meaning and direct relationship with God. In each of our 11 Centers across the country, we teach, share, and cultivate spirituality through sacraments, meditation, seminars, classes, and practical instruction in order to bring people into real, deep experiences of God."
•  Mysticism
•  Spirituality
etext Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness
An online version of a book by Evelyn Underhill.

•  Mysticism
•  Online Book
etext Sacred Texts: Mysticism
A collection of links to online resources.

•  Mysticism
•  Online Text Collection
syllab "Mysticism"
A 2012 course by Ed Mooney at Syracuse University.
•  Mysticism
syllab "Roots of Western Mysticism"
A 2011 course by Bruce Janz at the University of Central Florida.
•  Mysticism
web Janz, Bruce
Prof. Janz teaches at the University of Central Florida.
•  Mysticism
•  Philosophy and religion
•  Personal home pages and CVs
syllab "Myth, Ritual, and Mysticism"
A 2013 course by Jean Ranier at Florida International University.
•  Mysticism
syllab "Jewish Mysticism, Magic, and Folklore"
A 2011 course by Mira Amiras at San Jose State University.
•  Judaism
•  Mysticism
syllab "Mysticism East and West"
A 2013 course by Eric Nelson at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.
•  Mysticism
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