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Aspects of Religion
Religion and economics:
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etext Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
The full text of this work by Adam Smith is here.
•  Religion and economics
•  Smith, Adam, 1723-1790
•  Online Book
web Acton Institute
"The Acton Institute is a unique resource for those who seek to build prosperity and progress on a foundation of religious liberty, economic freedom, and personal moral responsibility. We work with church leadership, educational institutions, and individuals in business or the ministry -- both in the United States and abroad -- to promote an understanding of market principles and to encourage the economic freedom that creates opportunity for all."
•  Religion and culture
•  Religion and economics
web Association of Christian Economists
"The Association of Christian Economists has two purposes: To encourage Christian scholars to explore and communicate the relationship between their faith and the discipline of economics; and To promote interaction and communication among Christian economists."
•  Religion and economics
•  Religion -- Professional societies
web Center on Religion & the Professions
"The Center on Religion & the Professions works to improve religious literacy among professionals, to help them serve a diverse public. We improve the religious literacy of professionals by: Supporting ground-breaking research on how religion affects people and encouraging its use by the appropriate professionals; Creating resources and training programs to improve religious literacy among professionals; Developing and testing curriculum about religion for all disciplines; Presenting public forums and discussions to improve professionals' and the public's understanding of religion." Located at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
•  Religion and culture
•  Religion and economics
•  Religion -- Centers and institutes
web Association for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture
"The Association for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture. ASREC is a new academic association designed to foster research and scholarship about the relationships between economics and religion in society. ASREC sponsors conferences and other forms of scholarly interaction."
•  Religion and economics
•  Religion -- Professional societies
ejournal Journal of Globalization for the Common Good
"The mission of JGCG is to: Promote ethical, moral and spiritual values into the areas of economics, commerce, trade, international relations, global media reporting and communication, as well as personal virtues; Advance understanding and action on major global issues by civil society, the private enterprise, the public sector, governments, and national and international institutions; Promote collaborative policy solutions to the challenges posed by globalisation; Discuss the implications of marketplace and economic issues; and Analyze and discuss the problems and challenges of globalization not merely from an economic point of view, but also from ethical and moral perspectives."
•  Interreligious dialogue
•  Religion and economics
•  Online Journal
ejournal "Globalization as an Enemy of the Common Good"
An article by John Cobb in the Journal of Globalization for the Common Good (2007).
•  Religion and economics
•  Online Article or Essay
ejournal "Towards a Universal Set of Values Bridging East and West: Global Positive Spirituality for World Peace"
An article by Fahri Karakas in the Journal of Globalization for the Common Good (2006).
•  Religion and economics
•  Online Article or Essay
ejournal "Catholic Social Teaching and the Globalisation of Business Management Theory"
An article by David Lutz in the Journal of Globalization for the Common Good (2006).
•  Religion and economics
•  Online Article or Essay
web Christian Business Faculty Association
"The Christian Business Faculty Association exists to assist and encourage Christian business faculty in the study, integration, teaching, and application of Biblical truths in service to the academy, students, and the business community."
•  Religion and economics
•  Religion -- Professional societies
ejournal Journal of Biblical Integration in Business
"The Journal of Biblical Integration in Business (JBIB) serves as a refereed forum for discussing faith-learning-life links in business. Faculty and business practitioners are encouraged to share their perspectives on how to best equip college students to live out their Christian faith in the workplace."
•  Religion and economics
•  Online Journal
ejournal Christian Business Academy Review
"The Christian Business Academy Review (CBAR) is devoted to promoting Christian business education through publication of faith-based articles that focus on Research in Business Education, Creative Instruction, Curriculum Development and Professional Issues."
•  Religion and economics
•  Online Journal
biblio Economics -- Religious Aspects Bibliography
Edited by Charles Bellinger.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Faith Based Non-Profit Organizational Development"
A course by Bryan Stone at Boston University.
•  Religion and economics
ejournal "Economic in Religion and the Religious in Economics: A Qur'anic-Weberian Perspective"
An article by Bashit Koshul in the Journal of Scriptural Reasoning (2005).
•  Religion and economics
•  Online Article or Essay
web Center on Faith in Communities
"The Center on Faith in Communities seeks to inspire, educate, equip, and resource the Christian community for the work of mercy and justice among the poor." The Center is directed by Amy Sherman.
•  Religion and economics
•  Religion -- Relief and development work
•  Religion -- Centers and institutes
syllab "Theology of Money"
A 2011 course by Nimi Wariboko at Andover Newton Theological School.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Theologies of Work"
A 2011 course by Nimi Wariboko at Andover Newton Theological School.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Meaning of Work"
A 2009 course by Steven Smith at Millsaps College.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Religion, Economy, and Values"
A 1998 course by Ivan Strenski at the University of California, Riverside.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Business Ethics and Society"
A 1998 course by John Wall at DePaul University.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Business, Ethics, and Society"
A 1999 course by John Leahy at DePaul University.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Our Soul and Money"
A 1997 course by Edward Tomasiewicz at DePaul University.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Theological Perspectives on the Science of Economics"
A 2006 course by Paul Oslington at Macquarie University.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Globalization at our Doorsteps: Linking the Global and the Local"
A course by Eleazar Fernandez at the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.

•  Religion and economics
ejournal "MacIntyre on Money"
An article by John Cornwell in The Prospect (2010).

•  MacIntyre, Alasdair, 1929-
•  Religion and economics
•  Online Article or Essay
ejournal Emerging Leadership Journeys
"Emerging Leadership Journeys is an academic journal that provides a forum for emerging scholars in the field of leadership studies. Contributors to this journal are Ph.D. students enrolled in the Organizational Leadership program in Regent University’s School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship."
•  Religion and culture
•  Religion and economics
•  Online Journal
ejournal Religion & Liberty
An online publication from the Acton Institute.

•  Religion and culture
•  Religion and economics
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
syllab "Workplace Theology"
A 2013 course by David Gill at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

•  Religion and economics
•  Social ethics
syllab "Religion and Economic Development"
A course by Edward Antonio at the University of Denver.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Empire & Captial: Theological Considerations"
A 2013 course by Mark Lewis Taylor at Princeton Theological Seminary.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Perspectives on Poverty"
A 2012 course by William Shaules, Laurie Wright Garry, and Mary McKay at Mount St. Mary's College.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Moral Theology of the Marketplace"
A 2013 course by Patrick Flanagan at St. John's University.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Economic Approach to Religion"
A course by Michael McBride at the University of California-Irvine.
•  Religion and economics
syllab "Intercordia"
A 2014 course taught by Reid B. Locklin at University of Toronto
•  Religion and economics
•  Social ethics
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