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Aspects of Religion
Religion on the Internet:
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top site web Internet for Religious Studies
This site offers a tutorial that introduces users to resources relating to religion on the Internet, along with guidance in evaluating those resources.
•  Religion on the Internet
•  Religion -- Study and teaching
•  Web sites -- Evaluating and citing
web Sacred Space
"We invite you to make a 'Sacred Space' in your day, and spend ten minutes, praying here and now, as you sit at your computer, with the help of on-screen guidance and scripture chosen specially every day." Produced by the Irish Jesuits.
•  Religion on the Internet
•  Spirituality
web cybertheology: theology in, of, and for cyberspace
"This site is intended as a resource for those interested in the study of theology in cyberspace, theology of cyberspace and theology for cyberspace. You'll find collections of links under each of these headings. There's also a section of links concerned with research method in this environment. My personal section has links to some of my own lectures, essays and articles on cybertheology." Maintained by Debbie Gaunt.
•  Religion on the Internet
•  Theology
ejournal Online Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet
This electronic journal focuses on the interface between religion and cyberspace.
•  Religion and culture
•  Religion on the Internet
•  Religions
•  Online Journal
ejournal "Kierkegaard on the Information Highway"
An essay by Hubert L. Dreyfus.
•  Kierkegaard, Soren, 1813-1855
•  Religion on the Internet
ejournal Religion and the Internet
"Are Americans turning to the Web for religious experiences and spiritual discussion, and if so how are traditional religious institutions responding to and being shaped by this shift? For this forum, we bring together three experts (Charles Henderson, Elena Larsen, and Scott Thumma) actively involved in understanding how people are using the Internet for religious purposes."
•  Religion on the Internet
•  Online Article or Essay
web Partenia: Without Borders
This is the web site of Bishop Jacques Gaillot, whose diocese exists only in cyberspace. Gaillot is a Roman Catholic, out of favor with the hierarchy for his liberal views on various issues.
•  Catholic Church
•  Religion on the Internet
web Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine
A very large collection of texts and multimedia resources.

•  Religion on the Internet
•  Online Text Collection
top site web Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies
"The Network is designed for scholars, students and those interested in exploring topics and questions emerging at the intersections of religion, the internet and new, social and mobile media. The Network offers an interactive space for researchers and others wishing to learn more about this growing research area to share related resources and highlight news items as well as events. Users can engage with key research sources and information integral to this dynamic field. Scholars can also apply to join the network and contribute to the collaborative spaces on the site."
•  Religion and journalism
•  Religion on the Internet
top site web Center for Media, Religion, and Culture
"The Center for Media, Religion, and Culture was founded in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2006 to bring together scholars, professionals, and the larger public to explore the variety of ways media and religion influence one another and our daily lives. It is one of the very few institutions worldwide dedicated to building knowledge and expertise in this emerging field. And its multidisciplinary efforts draw on resources from a broad range of approaches, locations, and directions."
•  Religion and culture
•  Religion and journalism
•  Religion on the Internet
•  Religion -- Centers and institutes
top site web CODEC: Christian Communication in the Digital Age
"The CODEC Research Centre explores the interfaces between theology, media and digital culture, focussing especially on religious communication, theology and the sacred texts (especially the Bible), aiming to research and transform religious discourse within and about new digital media. The centre provides a focus for international research into the impact of the digital environment on religious tradition, practice, and education, and explore religious identity within the digital world. The research is not limited to any confessional stance or religious affiliation." Located at Durham University (UK).
•  Religion and culture
•  Religion on the Internet
•  Religion -- Centers and institutes
top site web Mediating Religion
"Mediating Religion is an international network of academics and interested associates working in the area of religion, culture and social change. Our focus is on the multiple, interconnected ways in which religious ideas and practices are mediated in the contemporary world. Mediating Religion acts as a network of networks – encouraging collaboration amongst research clusters working on these themes around the world."
•  Religion and culture
•  Religion on the Internet
ejournal Second Nature
"Second Nature is an online journal for critical thinking about technology and new media in light of the Christian tradition."
•  Religion and culture
•  Religion on the Internet
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
ejournal Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture
"The Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture is a peer-reviewed academic journal, publishing articles, research reports and book reviews. All JRMDC content is free to access online. JRMDC is sponsored by CODEC, a research initiative based at St John’s College, Durham University, UK."
•  Religion and culture
•  Religion and journalism
•  Religion on the Internet
•  Online Journal
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