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Africa -- Religion:
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top site image African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
This is an electronic art exhibit from the Bayly Art Museum at the University of Virginia, curated by Benjamin Ray. The excellent images are accompanied by extensive descriptions explaining their cultural and religious significance.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Religion and art
ejournal "African Experience of God through the Eyes of an Akan Woman"
An essay by Mercy Amba Oduyoye.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Online Article or Essay
etext African Religion: Wim van Binsbergen's Writings
"This website (established May 2000) brings together a considerable number of articles which Wim van Binsbergen has written over the years in the fields of the anthropology and intercultural philosophy of religion. The site comprises the following sections: General theoretical and comparative studies of African religion; Popular Islam in North Africa; historical African religion in South Central Africa; Christian churches in South Central and Southern Africa; historical African religion in West Africa; historical African religion in Southern Africa, and its connections in space and time."
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Online Text Collection
etext Sacred Texts: African Religion
This site offers texts on the traditional spirituality of Sub-Saharan Africa.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Online Text Collection
web Africa Focus: The Sights and Sounds of a Continent
"This online collection is maintained on the website of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries. It contains digitized visual images and sounds of Africa contributed over the years to the African Studies Program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. These digital files are stored in an accessible database and provided for personal use or educational presentations."
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Religion and music
•  Religion -- Images
top site web Africa South of the Sahara: Religion
A substantial collection of annotated links. Maintained by Karen Fung at Stanford University.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Religion -- Internet guides
web African Philosophy Resources: Religion
A collection of links to Internet resources, maintained by Bruce Janz.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Religion -- Internet guides
top site web African Traditional Religion
This is an excellent compilation of resources, under these headings: Some Topical Issues; Elements to admire in African Traditional Religion; Link to other sites on African Traditional Religion; Country by Country Statistics (1900 - 2000 projected); Map of Africa showing the spread of African Traditional Religion; African Traditional Religion and Christianity; African Traditional Religion and Islam; Friendly Webpages. Maintained by Chidi Denis Isizoh.
•  Africa -- Religion
web Map: Religion in Africa
A set of historical maps on traditional religion, Islam, and Christianity.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Religion -- Maps
biblio Bibliography on African Traditional Religion
Compiled by Chidi Denis Isizoh.
•  Africa -- Religion
ejournal International Journal of African Catholicism
"Founded in 2009, the International Journal of African Catholicism is an ecumenical, interdisciplinary, academic, peer-reviewed on-line journal to promote discussion within the African catholic community and to promote dialogue between African and international scholars."
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Catholic Church
•  Online Journal
top site web Theological Education in Africa
This site offers: "Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa; BookNotes for Africa; International Council for Evangelical Theological Education; Articles, Essays, and other Reference Materials; Other Relevant Organisations."
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Theological education
top site etext Dictionary of African Christian Biography
A growing collection of articles about persons who contributed to Christianity in Africa.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Online Reference Work
web MisLinks Africa
A collection of links to Internet resources on Christian missions in Africa.
•  Africa -- Religion
web Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers - Africa Region
"The Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, popularly known as the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, has worked in Africa since 1946. These missionaries are Catholic Priests and Brothers from the United States of America, who in response to their own Christian faith, have committed themselves to lifelong service to mission outside of their home nation. Originally directed to share the Good News of Salvation with the peoples of Tanzania and Kenya, Maryknoll's missionary endeavors in Africa now extend to five countries."
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Catholic Church
•  Missions
web Light a Candle: Munachi's Homepage of African Christian Inspiration
This site, maintained by an African Catholic priest, offers homilies and other religious resources.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Preaching
web African Inland Mission
This site offers information about the activities of a prominent evangelical missionary agency that serves in Africa.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Missions
syllab "Social Teaching of the African Churches"
A 2010 course by Nimi Wariboko at Andover Newton Theological School.
•  Africa -- Religion
syllab "African Religion"
A 2000 course by Katie Cannon at Temple University.
•  Africa -- Religion
syllab "History of Christianity in Africa"
A 2002 course by Joel Tishken at Southwestern University.
•  Africa -- Religion
syllab "Religions of the Colonized Peoples (Africa)"
A course by Teresia Hinga at DePaul University.
•  Africa -- Religion
syllab "African Art and the Web Museum"
A 2000 course by Benjamin Ray at the University of Virginia.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Religion and art
syllab "Religions of Colonized Peoples: Africa"
A 2011 course by Fulgence Ratsimbazafy at Santa Clara University.

•  Africa -- Religion
•  Religion and colonialism
syllab "Islam in Africa"
A 2013 course by Terje Ostebo at the University of Florida.
•  Africa -- Religion
•  Islam
syllab "African Religion and Culture"
A 2012 course by Teresia Hinga at Santa Clara University.
•  Africa -- Religion
syllab "African Religions"
A 2010 course by Albert Wuaku at Florida International University.
•  Africa -- Religion
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