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India -- Religion:
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syllab "Religions of India" (Hoffert)
A course by Brian Hoffert at North Central College.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Passage to India: India and the Western Imagination"
A 2005 course by Nikky Singh at Colby College.
•  India -- Religion
top site etext E-Books: Full-Text Online Books on South Asia
A substantial collection of electronic texts, including the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Bhagavad Gita, and many monographs.
•  Hinduism
•  India -- Religion
•  Online Text Collection
top site web Exploring Ancient World Cultures: India
This site provides the historical background for the development of Hinduism in India. It offers links to sacred texts and a chronology, essays, images, and other resources.
•  Hinduism
•  India -- Religion
web Gurus, Sages, and Seekers: Holy Men and Women in the Indian Tradition
"This page is devoted to introducing westerners to teachers from different Indian religious traditions. It consists of pictures and short life-stories of charismatic seekers, saints, teachers, and gurus from the 19th and 20th centuries who trace their religious origins to India. In addition, references will be given to help the reader learn more about these individuals."
•  Hinduism
•  India -- Religion
web Harappa: Glimpses of South Asia before 1947
This site features images, movies, and sounds relating to Indian culture, as well as informative essays.
•  Hinduism
•  India -- Religion
web Hinduism Resources
A list of Internet resources, maintained by James Lochtefeld at Carthage College.
•  Hinduism
•  India -- Religion
web Muktabodha Indological Research Institute
"The Muktabodha Indological Research Institute is dedicated to the study, preservation, and dissemination of the philosophical and religious traditions of India. At the center of Muktabodha's vision is the understanding that these traditions are a unique and irreplaceable spiritual resource. By helping to conserve and develop this valuable resource, the Institute aims to make a significant contribution to the academic community and the world community at large."
•  Hinduism
•  India -- Religion
•  Religion -- Centers and institutes
web Religion in South Asia Web Site
"This is the web site of the Religion in South Asia Section (RISA) of the American Academy of Religion (AAR). RISA participants are scholars interested in the academic study of the religious traditions of South Asia. RISA-L is the official email list of RISA. This page is designed to give RISA participants, RISA-L subscribers, and other scholars of religion in south Asia access to RISA-related material."
•  Hinduism
•  India -- Religion
biblio RISA Bibliography Archive
A collection of bibliographies relating to Religion in South Asia.
•  Hinduism
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Indian Religions: Self Discipline and Social Activism"
A 2006 course by Lavanya Vemsani at St. Thomas University.
•  India -- Religion
web Nelson, Lance E.
Prof. Nelson teaches at the University of San Diego.
•  India -- Religion
•  Personal home pages and CVs
syllab "Religions of India" (Haynes)
A 2006 course by Sarah Haynes at Colby College.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Religions of India" (McDaniel)
A 2008 course by June McDaniel at the College of Charleston.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "South Asian Civilizations"
A course by James McGrath at Butler University.
•  India -- Religion
web India Divine
This site offers a variety of resources on Hinduism and India, such as Articles, Scriptures, Meditation, Forums, Videos, MP3 Songs, MP3 Lectures.
•  Hinduism
•  India -- Religion
web Syro-Malankara Catholic Church
An official web site of an Indian branch of the Catholic Church.
•  Catholic Church
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Banaras: Life and Death in a Holy City"
A 2002 course by Tim Lubin at Washington and Lee University.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Religion, Community, and Conflict in South Asia"
A 1999 course by Timothy Lubin at Washington and Lee University.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Religions of India and Tibet"
A 2000 course by Jeffrey Richey at Berea College.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Anthropology of South Asian Religion"
A 1999 course by Michael Moffat at Rutgers University.
•  India -- Religion
•  Religion and anthropology / sociology
syllab "Exploring India: From Alex to Bill"
A 2004 course by Pankaj Jain at the University of Iowa.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Goddesses in India"
A 2001 course by Philip Lutgendorf at the University of Iowa.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "South Asian Religions"
A 2002 course by Jeffrey Richey at Berea College.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Religion, Politics and Conflict in South Asia"
A course by Chad Bauman at Butler University.

•  India -- Religion
•  Religion and politics
•  Religion and violence
syllab "South Asian Civilizations"
A course by Chad Bauman at Butler University.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Christianities of South Asia"
A 2013 course by Reid Locklin at the University of Toronto.
•  Christianity
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Eat, Feed, Fast: Food, Religion and Society in India"
A 2013 course by Ann Grodzins Gold at Syracuse University.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Religions of India" (Smith)
A 2013 course by Travis Smith at the University of Florida.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Gods, Sages, and Kings: Readings in Indian Mythology"
A 2013 course by Travis Smith at the University of Florida.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Covering the Religions of India"
A 2006 course by Ari Goldman and Sree Sreenivasan at Columbia University.
•  India -- Religion
•  Religion and journalism
syllab "Religion and Society in India and the West"
A 2012 course by Jeffrey Bjerken at the College of Charleston.
•  Asia -- Religion
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Storytelling in Indian Religion"
A 2012 course by Joseph LaRose at McMaster University.
•  India -- Religion
syllab "Religious Pluralism in Practice: Kerala, India"
A 2013 course by Corinne Dempsey at Nazareth College.
•  India -- Religion
top site web Arampur: A Virtual Village
An in-depth presentation of many aspects of the culture of an Indian village, including religion. Maintained at Wesleyan University.
•  India -- Religion
A 2014 course taught by Reid B. Locklin University of Toronto
•  India -- Religion
•  Christianity -- History
•  Religion and colonialism
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