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Religions - By Faith Traditions,
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Religions -- Statistics:
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top site web Hartford Institute for Religion Research
"This website has 3 primary purposes: 1) To present summaries of current religion research by Hartford Institute for Religion Research faculty as well as the research done by other sociologists of religion. 2) By making this research available online, we hope to educate pastors, denominational leaders, religion reporters and the general public in a better understanding of research on religion in order to help create stronger communities of faith and a more informed society. 3) Finally, we hope to assist the site's users in understanding the use of statistics and poll data, designing church web sites, on searching the web for information, and the implications of the Internet on religious life."
•  Religion and anthropology / sociology
•  Religion -- Centers and institutes
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
top site web Barna Research Online
"Barna Research Group, Ltd. (BRG) is a full-service marketing research company located in Ventura, California. BRG has been providing information and analysis regarding cultural trends and the Christian Church since 1984."
•  Christianity
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
web Christian Research Association
"Our Mission: To give Christian leaders the insight and skills required for strategic planning; Our Vision: To see by the year 2000 relevant research routinely used for planning growth; Our Aim: To help everyone to hear the good news of Jesus Christ; Our Task: To turn data into decisions."
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United Kingdom -- Religion
biblio Religious Statistics: Reference Books and Other Resources
Maintained by Harvard Divinity School.
•  Religions -- Statistics
top site web Association of Religion Data Archives
"The ARDA allows you to interactively explore the highest quality data on American and international religion using online features for generating national profiles, maps, church membership overviews, denominational heritage trees, tables, charts, and other summary reports. Over 400 data files are available for online preview and most can be downloaded for additional research." From the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Purdue University.
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
•  Best of the Web
top site web Faith Communities Today
"Faith Communities Today is the largest survey of congregations ever conducted in the United States. It is the most inclusive, officially sanctioned program of interfaith cooperation. The project was initiated to enhance the capacity of participating faith groups to conduct and use congregational research. This study is intended to provide a public profile of the heart and soul of religion in America - local congregations - at the beginning of a new millennium." Maintained at Hartford Seminary.
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
web The Geography of American religion
This blog post offers maps revealing the geographic concentrations of various Christian denominations, as well as other groups such as Jews and Muslims.
•  Religion -- Maps
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
top site web North American Religion Atlas
"The North American Religion Atlas (NARA) provides access to resources for the study and teaching of North American religious history within a geographical and multimedia framework. Using mapping technology, users can view data on religion at national, state or county levels. Text, image, and multimedia formats are also available and contribute to greater understanding of the story of North American religion." Funded by the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI), with support from Lilly Endowment Inc.
•  Religion -- Maps
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
•  Best of the Web
top site web U.S. Congregations: The U.S. Congregational Life Survey
"The U.S. Congregational Life Survey is the largest and most representative profile of worshipers and their congregations ever developed in the United States. The U.S. Congregational Life Survey: examines congregational vitality to help congregations renew and enrich their mission, and describes the American religious landscape in the new millennium based on input from about 300,000 worshipers in more than 2,000 congregations across the United States."
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
web Religion-In-The Americas Database
This site offers extensive statistical information about religious groups in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.
•  Latin America -- Religion
•  Religions -- Statistics
top site web Adherents.com
"Adherents.com is a growing collection of over 43,870 adherent statistics and religious geography citations: references to published membership/adherent statistics and congregation statistics for over 4,200 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements, ultimate concerns, etc. Basically, researchers can use this site to answer such questions as 'How many Lutherans live in Wisconsin?,' 'What are the major religions of India?,' or 'What percentage of the world is Muslim?'"
•  Religions
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
top site web Berman Jewish Data Bank
"The North American Jewish Data Bank is the central repository of scientifically collected information about North American Jewry. Its primary functions are to (1) acquire, archive, analyze and disseminate data sets that contribute to the social scientific understanding of the Jewish population, and (2) encourage utilization of its resources. It seeks in this way to improve the quality of research conducted about North American Jewry."
•  Judaism
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
web Hierarchy of the Catholic Church
This site offers basic information about worldwide Roman Catholicism: bishops, cardinals, dioceses, and demographic statistics.
•  Catholic Church
•  Religions -- Statistics
top site web U.S. Religious Landscape Survey
"Based on interviews with more than 35,000 Americans age 18 and older, this extensive survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life details the religious affiliation of the American public." A major study which has been widely discussed in the news media.
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
top site web American Religious Identification Survey 2008
This site reports on a survey of the religious demographics of Americans conducted at Trinity College (Conn.) in 2008.
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
web Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies
"ASARB—the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies—brings together statisticians and researchers who collect and publish information about denominations and other faith groups in the United States. Every ten years, ASARB compiles the Religious Congregations Membership Study, providing the most comprehensive portrait of religious affiliation throughout the United States."
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
web American Piety in the 21st Century: New Insights to the Depth and Complexity of Religion in the US
This report summarizes findings from a survey conducted by Baylor University in 2006.
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
web Women, Faith, and Culture
This web site reports the results of a survey of the attitudes of Catholic women toward contraception.

•  Religions -- Statistics
•  Sexual ethics -- Religious aspects
•  Women -- Religious aspects
web 2010 U.S. Religion Census
"The 2010 U.S. Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study is a county-by-county enumeration of religious bodies in the US. It is an update of the 1952, 1971, 1980, 1990, and 2000 studies originally done by the National Council of Churches and the Glenmary Research Center."
•  Religions -- Statistics
•  United States -- Religion
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