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top site etext Complete Works of Menno Simon
An 1871 translation into English.
•  Anabaptists
•  Simons, Menno, 1496-1561
•  Online Text Collection
etext Writings on Christian Nonresistance and Pacifism from Anabaptist-Mennonite Sources
A large collection of links, maintained at Bluffton College.
•  Anabaptists
•  War and peace -- Religious aspects
•  Online Text Collection
•  Religion -- Internet guides
web Indigenous Peoples: Mennonite Central Committee
This page provides articles about the Mennonite Church's ministry with the First Nations of Canada.
•  Anabaptists
•  Canada -- Religion
•  Native Americans -- Religion
web Bible Views
"This Web site seeks to present Articles and Books on doctrine and practical areas of discipleship in a clear and simple style, using a lot of Scripture, so the Word can tell its own story. These studies are evangelical in nature. Also included are several Confessions of Faith and information on Anabaptist-Mennonite related churches." This site offers essays in Mennonite theology and history, as well as these historical confessions: The Schleitheim Confession of Faith, 1527, translated by J. C. Wenger; The Dordrecht Confession of Faith, 1632; Brief Statement of Faith of 1963; A Mennonite Confession of Faith (longer).
•  Anabaptists
web Courier
This publication provides "news, feature articles, essays and testimony for Anabaptist-Mennonites around the world."
•  Anabaptists
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
ejournal Direction Journal
"For thirty years Direction has been addressing biblical, theological, historical, ethical, and church-related issues. A semiannual publication, Direction is supported by Mennonite Brethren higher education institutions in the United States and Canada."
•  Anabaptists
•  Online Journal
top site etext Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online
A cooperative reference work maintained by the Mennonite Historical Society of Canada, the Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission, and the Mennonite Church USA Historical Committee.
•  Anabaptists
•  Online Reference Work
top site web Menno on the Net
This site organizes information about Menno Simons under these headings: Biographies; Articles; Menno's Writings; Books about Menno; Menno's Country; Images of Menno; Miscellaneous links; General info about Mennonites; Churches & Conferences; Other organizations. Maintained by Machiel van Zanten.
•  Anabaptists
•  Religion -- Internet guides
•  Simons, Menno, 1496-1561
web Mennonite Archives of Ontario
"The Mennonite Archives of Ontario, adjacent to the library, is the location of source documents related to the history of Mennonites in Ontario, including congregations, institutions such as Mennonite Central Committee Ontario, and individual Mennonite leaders. This archival collection continues to grow. An important supplement to the original documents is some 5,000 feet of microfilm containing copies of material held in other archives, churches or private collections."
•  Anabaptists
ejournal Mennonite Brethren Herald
"Mennonite Brethren Herald is published biweekly (24 issues per year) by the Board of Communications of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, primarily for the use of its members. It is intended to inform members of events in the church and the world at large, meet the personal and corporate spiritual needs of the members, serve as a vehicle of communication within the church, serve conference agencies and reflect the history and theology of the Mennonite Brethren church."
•  Anabaptists
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
web Mennonite Central Committee
"MCC seeks to demonstrate God's love by working among people suffering from poverty, conflict, oppression and natural disaster. MCC serves as a channel for interchange by building mutually transformative relationships. MCC strives for peace, justice and the dignity of all people by sharing our experiences, resources and faith in Jesus Christ."
•  Anabaptists
•  Religion -- Relief and development work
ejournal Mennonite Life
"From the generation of young Mennonites coming out of World War II, to the present generations facing an allegedly 'postmodern' future, Mennonite Life continues to explore and develop Mennonite experience."
•  Anabaptists
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
ejournal Mennonite Quarterly Review
This print publication offers some articles online.
•  Anabaptists
•  Online Journal
top site web Mennonite Historical Society of Canada
This superb site offers a basic introduction to Mennonite history and beliefs.
•  Anabaptists
web National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom
"The National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom was founded in 1967 at the University of Chicago for the purpose of preserving the religious liberty of the Old Order Amish (and related Anabaptist groups, including Mennonites) -- and hence religious liberty for us all."
•  Anabaptists
top site web Third Way Cafe
This site offers information on the Mennonite churches. Maintained by Mennonite Media.
•  Anabaptists
web Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches
An official web site.
•  Anabaptists
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
web Church of the Brethren
"This is the homepage of six Church of the Brethren (CoB) organizations. The CoB was founded at Schwarzenau, Germany in 1708 and now counts over 142,000 members across the United States."
•  Anabaptists
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
web Mennonite Church USA
An official web site.
•  Anabaptists
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
etext Anabaptist Story, The
A online book by Stanley Nelson.
•  Anabaptists
•  Online Book
ejournal Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology
"The primary aim of Vision is to help church leaders reflect theologically on the identity, mission and practices of the church from an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective. From the standpoint of the identity and mission of the church, the journal will foster the continuing efforts of church leaders to articulate an Anabaptist/Christian-based theology for church practices such as worship, preaching, membership, baptism, discipline, communion, and others."
•  Anabaptists
•  Theology
•  Online Journal
web Politics of the Cross Resurrected
A blog by theologian Craig Carter, an Anabaptist with an interest in Augustine, Aquinas, and the Catholic tradition.
•  Anabaptists
•  Theology
•  Religion -- Blogs
web On Earth Peace
"On Earth Peace answers Jesus Christ's call for peace and justice through its ministries; builds thriving families, congregations, and communities; and provides the skills, support, and spiritual foundation to face violence with active nonviolence." An agency of the Church of the Brethren.
•  Anabaptists
•  War and peace -- Religious aspects
web Peace Theology
"This blog is operated by Ted Grimsrud for the purpose of considering issues of war and peace, violence and nonviolence, from a Christian theological perspective . I teach theology and peace studies at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA."
•  Anabaptists
•  War and peace -- Religious aspects
•  Religion -- Blogs
web Anabaptist Network
"The Anabaptist Network is a loose-knit network of individuals and churches in Britain and Ireland interested in the insights of the Anabaptist tradition."
•  Anabaptists
•  United Kingdom -- Religion
syllab "Anabaptist Ethics and Theology"
A 2012 course by Nancey Murphy at Fuller Theological Seminary.

•  Anabaptists
syllab "Anabaptist History, Theology, and Church Polity"
A 2011 course by Juan Martinez at Fuller Theological Seminary.

•  Anabaptists
web Anabaptist Faith
"Providing Biblical insights, Anabaptist resources and spiritual inspiration for your Christian walk." This site provides articles, audio sermons, and other resources in the Anabaptist tradition.

•  Anabaptists
•  Religion -- Audio resources
web Anabaptists Live
This group of Anabaptists seeks to be "too conservative for the liberals and too liberal for the conservatives." The web site provides audio files of conference talks, and other resources.
•  Anabaptists
•  Religion -- Audio resources
syllab "Continuity and Change in Anabaptism"
A 2013 course by Karl Koop at the University of Toronto.
•  Anabaptists
syllab "On Mennonite Spirituality: Sustenance and Struggle"
A 2013 course by John Ruth at Hatfield Biblical Seminary.
•  Anabaptists
•  Spirituality
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