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Theological librarianship:
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web American Theological Library Association
"Established in 1946, the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) has more than 650 personal and 230 institutional members. ATLA's international membership represents many religious traditions and denominations. Membership is open to any person who is engaged in professional library or bibliographic work in theological or religious fields, or who has an interest in the literature of religion, theological librarianship, and the purposes and work of the association."
•  Theological librarianship
web Association of Christian Librarians
"Membership in ACL is for Christian librarians working in institutions of higher learning who affirm the Association's mission and doctrinal statements. Associate membership is open to any other Christian librarians or non-librarians interested in librarianship who affirm the mission and doctrinal statements."
•  Theological librarianship
web Association of Jewish Libraries
"AJL promotes Jewish literacy through enhancement of libraries and library resources and through leadership for the profession and practitioners of Judaica librarianship. The Association fosters access to information, learning, teaching and research relating to Jews, Judaism, the Jewish experience and Israel."
•  Judaism
•  Theological librarianship
web Church and Synagogue Library Association
"The Church and Synagogue Library Association (CSLA) was founded in 1967 to provide inspiration and educational guidance to people establishing and maintaining libraries and media centers in religious congregations."
•  Theological librarianship
web Evangelical Church Library Association
An organization for church and Christian school librarians.
•  Theological librarianship
web Libraries in Churches
This site offers information regarding the management of church libraries, as well as access to a listserv on the topic. Maintained by S.C. Brouwer.
•  Theological librarianship
•  Religion -- Blogs
web TheoLib
A blog on theological librarianship, maintained by Jack Ammerman.
•  Theological librarianship
•  Religion -- Blogs
web Catholic Library Association
"Established in 1921, the Catholic Library Association is an international membership organization, providing its members professional development through educational and networking experiences, publications, scholarships, and other services."
•  Catholic Church
•  Theological librarianship
top site web WorldCat Identities
This site allows the user to input an author's name, which will lead to a list of the most widely held books by and about that author. Other persons who are non-authors, such as Mozart, can also be searched.
•  Theological librarianship
web Views on Theological Librarianship
A blog by Blake Walter, library director at Northern Seminary.
•  Religion -- Blogs
•  Theological librarianship
ejournal Theological Librarianship
"Theological Librarianship is an open access journal publishing essays, columns, critical reviews, bibliographic essays, and peer-reviewed articles on various aspects of theological librarianship and its contribution to theological education."
•  Theological librarianship
•  Online Journal
web Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries
"ABTAPL is the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries, an organisation formed to help those working in libraries containing theological, philosophical and related materials by sharing information and experience. ABTAPL provides for its members an informal network for consultation, advice and support in both individual and continuing professional problems."
•  Theological librarianship
ejournal "Twelve theses on libraries and librarians"
A blog post by Ben Myers.
•  Theological librarianship
•  Online Article or Essay
web Selection Sources for Congregational Libraries
"This site is intended to heighten awareness of a particular type of library, namely congregational libraries. Here, visitors will find links to library associations, software for running a library, and reviews of print and electronic sources designed to aid in library purchasing. The site will be most useful to church and synagogue librarians, although anyone interested in learning about church libraries, or finding worthy religion books and videos, may find helpful information." Maintained by Ellen Bosman at New Mexico State University.
•  Theological librarianship
ejournal ANTZLA EJournal
"The ANZTLA EJournal is the official serial publication of the Australian and New Zealand Theological Library Association. It is published twice a year to provide a means of communication between members and other people interested in theological librarianship in Australia and New Zealand. The EJournal contains lively articles, files, presentations, book reviews and reports by members and also bibliographers, theologians and other authors interested in theological librarianship. As well as giving excellent coverage of librarianship in this part of the world, it contains many articles of use and interest to an international readership. Papers delivered at the Association's annual conference are published in the ANZTLA EJournal."
•  Theological librarianship
•  Online Journal
web Christian College Librarians
"Our purpose is to engage in cooperative projects that enhance the services offered by Christian college libraries and to facilitate communication and resource sharing among our libraries, all for charitable, educational, and religious purposes."
•  Theological librarianship
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