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Jesus Christ:
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Title & Annotation
syllab "Jesus in Tradition and History"
A course by Casey Elledge at Gustavus Adolphus College.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Teachings of Jesus"
A 2012 course by Roger Greene at Mississippi College.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Jesus: Sage, Savior, Superstar"
A 2009 course by Wakoh Shannon Hickey at Alfred University.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Christology" (Burgaleta)
A 2010 course by Claudio Burgaleta at Fordham University.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Contemporary Christology"
A 2014 course by Nancy Bedford at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Jesus and the Gospels"
A 2011 course by Daven Kari at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
•  Bible -- N.T. -- Gospels and Acts
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Historical Jesus"
A 2014 course by Bernard Brandon Scott at Phillips Theological Seminary.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Christology" (Morice Brubaker)
A 2012 course by Sarah Morice Brubaker at Phillips Theological Seminary.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Christology" (Chandrakanthan)
A 2014 course by Joseph Chandrakanthan at St. Augustine's Seminary.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab " Christology and Theological Anthropology"
A 2014 course by Barry Bryant at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
•  Jesus Christ
•  Theology
syllab "Christology and Theological Anthropology"
A 2014 course by Hwa-Young Chong at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
•  Jesus Christ
•  Theology
syllab "Contemporary Christology"
A 2012 course by Edward Krasevac at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Historical Development of Christology"
A 2012 course by Edward Krasevac at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology.
•  Jesus Christ
web Journey with Jesus
This site offers lectionary reflections and related resources and essays from an ecumenical perspective. Maintained by Daniel Clendenin.
•  Jesus Christ
•  Preaching
biblio Some Recent Books on Christology: A Bibliography
Edited by Charles Bellinger.
•  Jesus Christ
•  Theology
syllab "Person of Christ in the New Testament"
A 2010 course by Sal Tassone at Santa Clara University.

•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Muslim Jesus"
A 2011 course by Shalahudin Kafrawi at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
•  Islam
•  Jesus Christ
image Historic Jesus Maps
A collection of maps relating to Jesus.
•  Bible -- Maps
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Jesus the Jew"
A 2010 course by Michael Castori at Santa Clara University.

•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Jesus Across Cultures"
A 1998 course by Jeffrey Carlson at DePaul University.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Christology: Jesus as Companion"
A 2012 course by John Roche at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology.

•  Jesus Christ
biblio Jesus and Ethics Bibliography
Edited by Charles Bellinger.
•  Christianity -- Ethics
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Christology: Earliest Images of Jesus in the New Testament and their Ancient and Modern Reception"
A course by Simon Lee at Andover Newton Theological School.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Parables of Jesus"
A 2009 course by Anne McGuire at Haverford College.
•  Bible -- N.T. -- Gospels and Acts
•  Jesus Christ
biblio Jesus Christ -- Historicity Bibliography
Edited by Charles Bellinger.
•  Bible -- N.T. -- Gospels and Acts
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Portraits of Jesus in Contemporary and Ancient Debate"
A 1998 course by Nicola Denzey at Bowdoin College.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Christ and Catholic Theology"
A 2011 course by Francis Smith at Santa Clara University.

•  Catholic Church
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Christology"
A 2011 course by Amy Plantinga Pauw and Sean Hayden at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

•  Jesus Christ
ejournal "Quaker Understanding of Jesus Christ, A"
An essay by Arthur Roberts.
•  Jesus Christ
•  Protestantism -- Smaller groups
•  Online Article or Essay
web Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre
This site provides information about the church that is located at the site where Jesus Christ is believed to have been buried and rose from the dead.
•  Archaeology
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Teachings of Jesus"
A course by Alan Altany at Marshall University.
•  Jesus Christ
web rejesus.co.uk
"Two thousand years after he walked the earth, Jesus of Nazareth remains one of those most talked-about and influential people who has ever lived. In the pages that follow, we explore his life, character, teachings and followers. We look at how he has been quoted, misquoted, filmed, reported on, worshipped and argued over."
•  Jesus Christ
A 2012 course taught by Reid B. Locklin at University of Toronto
•  Christianity -- History
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Faces of Jesus: Christology from the New Testament to the 21st Century"
A course by Wayne Rollins at Hartford Seminary.
•  Jesus Christ
etext Life of Jesus by Ernest Renan
The full text of this 19th century skeptical work is here.
•  Bible -- N.T.
•  Jesus Christ
•  Online Book
top site web From Jesus to Christ: The Story of the Storytellers
Based on a PBS Frontline special, this site offers information about the earliest Christians and the writing of the gospels. "This series tells the epic story of the rise of Christianity. The four hours explore the life and death of Jesus, and the men and women whose belief, conviction, and martyrdom created the religion we now know as Christianity. Drawing upon historical evidence, the series challenges familiar assumptions and conventional notions about Christian origins. Archaeological finds have yielded new understandings of Jesus' class and social status; fresh interpretations have transformed earlier ideas about the identity of the early Christians and their communities."
•  Bible -- N.T. -- Gospels and Acts
•  Jesus Christ
top site web Jesus Seminar Forum
"These pages are an official gateway to the research of the Jesus Seminar of the Westar Institute & a bridge to Jesus scholarship elsewhere. Convened in 1985 by Robert W. Funk, the Jesus Seminar has become a lightning rod for international debate about the "historical Jesus" - that is, the real facts about the person to whom various Christian gospels refer. The Seminar's on-going project has been to evaluate the historical significance of every shred of evidence about Jesus from antiquity (about 30-200 CE). Over the past dozen years more than 100 scholars from North America & beyond have participated in its semi-annual meetings."
•  Bible -- N.T. -- Gospels and Acts
•  Jesus Christ
top site web Westar Institute
"Among the many Westar seminars and projects, the best-known is the Jesus Seminar. The Jesus Seminar, with more than two hundred participating scholars, has attempted to distinguish fact from fiction in the words and deeds ascribed to Jesus in the gospels. Westar's collaborative scholarly research also includes the Paul Seminar, which is investigating the letters attributed to Paul, and a Canon Seminar, which is reviewing the books assigned to the New Testament. A Creeds Seminar and an Acts Seminar are scheduled to begin deliberations in 1999."
•  Bible -- N.T. -- Gospels and Acts
•  Jesus Christ
•  Religion -- Centers and institutes
top site web Portrait of Jesus: From Galilean Jew to the Face of God
"Marcus Borg, scholar, Christian, and author of Jesus: A New Vision and Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, uses the terms 'pre-Easter Jesus' to talk about the Jesus of history and 'post-Easter Jesus' to talk about the Christ of faith. You are invited to join in this exploration of Marcus Borg's portrait of Jesus and what it can mean for Christian life and faith." This well designed site leads the visitor step by step through various principles of biblical interpretation taught by Marcus Borg. It utilizes texts, images, and sound bites for a well rounded tour, and offers an opportunity for visitor feedback. Reading this feedback, which comes from around the world, is very revealing of many different points of view. Maintained by Cam Howard.
•  Bible -- N.T. -- Gospels and Acts
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Jesus and the Moral Life"
A 2007 course by Iain Maclean at James Madison University.
•  Christianity -- Ethics
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Life of Jesus"
A course by Barry Smith at Crandall University.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Jesus"
A course by Mark Given at Missouri State University.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Historical Jesus"
A course by James McGrath at Butler University.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Teachings of Jesus in Comparative Perspective"
A 2010 course by Christine Thomas at the University of California Santa Barbara.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Life and Teachings of Jesus"
A course by Dan Doriani at Covenant Theological Seminary.
•  Jesus Christ
syllab "Historical Jesus"
A 2012 course by Catherine Murphy at Santa Clara University.

•  Jesus Christ
syllab "ST2: Christology"
A 2013 course by Derek Thomas at Reformed Theological Seminary.
•  Jesus Christ
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