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web PC(USA) Interfaith Relations
"The Interfaith Relations Office seeks to support those in the church who are interested in, concerned about or engaged in building interfaith relationships. As Presbyterians learn about religious diversity, we reflect theologically on our relations with neighbors of other faiths. We also seek avenues for cooperation, or look for education resources and practical models for bringing communities together."
•  Christianity -- Ecumenism
•  Interreligious dialogue
•  Presbyterians
ejournal Theology Matters
This publication offers a conservative perspective on Reformed theology. Published by Presbyterians for Faith, Family and Ministry.
•  Presbyterians
•  Theology
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
ejournal Abortion
A collection of essays from Presbyterians for Faith, Family, and Ministry.
•  Abortion -- Religious and moral aspects
•  Presbyterians
•  Online Article or Essay
ejournal Presbyterians Today
This print publication offers some articles online.
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
•  Presbyterians
web Reformed University Fellowship
"RUF brings to the campus a heart for God, a love for the campus and convictions that are well formed, deeply held and which allow us to bring a fully-orbed ministry to students." A ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America.
•  Evangelism
•  Presbyterians
web Cumberland Presbyterian Church
An official site.
•  Presbyterians
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
web Orthodox Presbyterian Church
An official web site.
•  Presbyterians
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
web Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
An official web site.
•  Presbyterians
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
web Presbyterian Church in America
An official web site.
•  Presbyterians
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
web Presbyterian Church in Canada
An official web site.
•  Canada -- Religion
•  Presbyterians
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
web Reformed Church in America
An official web site.
•  Presbyterians
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
syllab "Presbyterian Polity and Reformed Worship"
A 2012 course by Clifton Kirkpatrick and Claudio Carvalhaes at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
•  Presbyterians
ejournal Cumberland Presbyterian, The
"The purpose of The Cumberland Presbyterian is to disseminate the news of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church to promote its faith, programs, and activities, and to provide fair and open discussion of theological and denominational issues."
•  Presbyterians
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
ejournal Presbyterianism
An article by J. A. McHugh in the Catholic Encyclopedia (1911).
•  Presbyterians
•  Online Article or Essay
web American Presbyterian Church, The
An official website.
•  Presbyterians
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
ejournal Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought
This online journal offers articles on theology and pastoral ministry from a Reformed perspective.
•  Pastoral ministry
•  Presbyterians
•  Online Journal
web PC (USA) Office of Theological Education
This page offers information about Presbyterian seminaries.
•  Presbyterians
•  Theological education
web Evangelical Presbyterian Church
An official web site.
•  Presbyterians
•  Religious bodies -- Official web sites
ejournal Reformed Worship
"Reformed Worship is a quarterly magazine that provides practical help and support to worship planners: ideas, tips, and nuts-and-bolts advice on planning, structuring, and leading your church in worship; a great way to enrich your worship with biblical insights from a Reformed perspective; a valuable resource supporting traditional, contemporary, and blended types of worship services."
•  Liturgics
•  Presbyterians
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
top site ejournal Digital Initiatives (Princeton Seminary)
This site is a major archive providing access to the following publications: Biblical Repertory, The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review, The Biblical Repertory and Theological Review, Catalogue of Princeton Theological Seminary, The New Princeton Review, The Presbyterian and Reformed Review, The Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton Review, The Presbyterian Review, The Princeton Review The Princeton Seminary Bulletin, The Princeton Theological Review, Theology Today.
•  Bible
•  Presbyterians
•  Theology
•  Online Journal
ejournal Unbound: An Interactive Journal of Christian Social Justice
"Unbound is an online jour­nal and com­mu­nity that exam­ines, expresses, and pro­vokes social jus­tice as inspired by the prophetic gospel of Jesus Christ." Sponsored by the Presbyterian Church U.S.A..
•  Presbyterians
•  Social ethics
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
web Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians
This site offers information about this group of theologically conservative Presbyterians.

•  Presbyterians
web Earl Palmer Ministries
"The goal of EPM is to encourage pastors and laity in both discipleship and service as followers of Jesus Christ in today’s world. Our monthly programs hope to fulfill this mission." Palmer is a prominent evangelical Presbyterian pastor.

•  Presbyterians
syllab "Presbyterian Church (USA) History, Worship and Polity"
A 2013 course by Diana Barber at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.

•  Presbyterians
syllab "Presbyterian Creeds"
A 2011 course by John Thompson at Fuller Theological Seminary.

•  Presbyterians
ejournal WRS Journal
"The Journal contains timely articles written by Western Reformed Seminary professors, other Bible Presbyterian pastors, and occasionally includes articles from other appropriate writers."
•  Presbyterians
•  Online Magazine/Newsletter
syllab "Presbyterian Heritage"
A 2012 course by Amy Plantinga Pauw at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

•  Presbyterians
web Covenant Network of Presbyterians
"The mission of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians is to strengthen the church of Jesus Christ, with the help of God's grace. We are called to achieve this goal by furthering the inclusion of LGBTQ persons, and by working for the unity of the PC(USA)."
•  Presbyterians
•  Sexual ethics -- Religious aspects
ejournal Machen and the OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church)
A collection of articles by and about Machen.

•  Machen, J. Gresham, 1881-1936
•  Presbyterians
•  Online Article or Essay
syllab "History of American Presbyterianism"
A 2012 course by Andrew Hoffecker at Reformed Theological Seminary.
•  Presbyterians
syllab "American Presbyterianism"
A 2013 course by John Muether at Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando).

•  Presbyterians
syllab "Kuyper's Lectures and the Future of Calvinism"
A 2013 course by Reggie Kidd at Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando).

•  Presbyterians
web Calvinist International
A "forum for research, resourcement, and renewal of Christian wisdom" maintained by conservative Calvinists.
•  Presbyterians
•  Religion -- Blogs
•  Theology
syllab "John Calvin and the Reformed/Calvinist Tradition"
A 2011 course by David Johnson at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
•  Calvin, John, 1509-1564
•  Presbyterians
syllab "Presbyterian Polity"
A 2010 course by Todd Freeman at Phillips Theological Seminary.
•  Presbyterians
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