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Religious education:
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syllab "Art and Practice of Teaching"
A 2012 course by Bradley Wigger at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

•  Religious education
web Consortium of Christian Study Centers
"The Consortium of Christian Study Centers exists to advance the growth and effectiveness of Christian Study Centers at colleges and universities around the world. In pursuit of this mission, CCSC has the following goals: To promote collaboration among Study Centers; To provide mutual stimulation and resources to existing Study Centers; To encourage and support the development of new Study Centers; To raise awareness of the Study Center movement."
•  Christianity
•  Religious education
web Dimensions of the Faith
"Dimensions of the Faith at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is a free online theological education program. The Ockenga Institute of Gordon-Conwell has taken seminary level courses (Bible, history, theology, evangelism) and adapted them to a 'go at your own pace' distance learning program which includes audio lectures and a study guide."
•  Religious education
•  Religion -- Audio resources
syllab "Adult Learning and Development"
A 2013 course by Kieran Scott at Fordham University.
•  Religious education
syllab "Foundations of Religious Education"
A 2013 course by Kieran Scott at Fordham University.
•  Religious education
syllab "Community, Family and Religious Education"
A 2013 course by Gloria Durka at Fordham University.
•  Religious education
syllab "Theological Education in the Parish"
A 2014 course by Tamar Wasoian at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Foundations of Educational Leadership"
A 2013 course by Paul Kelly at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Educational Ministry of the Church"
A 2014 course by Paul Kelly at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Principles and Approaches to Bible Teaching"
A 2014 course by Paul Kelly at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Principles and Approaches of Bible Teaching"
A 2014 course by Leslie Dodrill at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Christian Doctrine for Catechists"
A 2013 course by John Cavadini at the University of Notre Dame.
•  Religious education
syllab "Teaching for Biblical Faith"
A 2014 course by Virginia Lee at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Approaches in the Christian Education of Children"
A 2012 course by Julia Jordan Gillet at Phillips Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Approches in the Christian Education of Children"
A 2012 course by Julia Gillett at Phillips Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Catechesis: History and Theory"
A 2013 course by Jerry Baumbach at the University of Notre Dame.
•  Religious education
syllab "History and Philosophy of Christian Education"
A 2011 course by Robert Pazmino at Andover Newton Theological School.
•  Religious education
syllab "Educational Ministry of the Church"
A 2010 course by Robert Pazmino at Andover Newton Theological School.
•  Religious education
etext Catechism of the Catholic Church
"The Second Edition English Translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church includes the corrections promulgated by Pope John Paul II on 8 September 1997. These corrections to the English text of the Catechism of the Catholic Church were made to harmonize it with the official Latin text promulgated by Pope John Paul II on the same date."
•  Catholic Church
•  Religious education
•  Online Book
web Alpha
Alpha is a course intended for persons interested in Christianity or recent converts. It began within the Anglican church but has now grown to become interdenominational.
•  Religious education
web Christian Educators Association International
"Founded in 1953, the mission of CEAI is to: encourage, equip and empower Christian educators serving in public and private schools."
•  Religious education
•  Religion -- Professional societies
web Education and the Christian Worldview
This site offers links to various resources relating to religious education and the integration of faith and learning. Maintained by Roger White at Azusa Pacific University.
•  Religious education
web Orthodox Christian Education Commission
"The Orthodox Christian Education Commission is an agency of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in America. It was founded in 1957 by a group of Orthodox theologians and educators as a forum to exchange ideas and to search for solutions to common educational problems. It currently aims to develop and publish educational material for and offers support services to Orthodox Christian Churches in North America."
•  Orthodox Eastern Church
•  Religious education
web RE Today
"RE Today is wholly owned by the charity Christian Education, and is committed to the teaching of the major world faiths in Religious Education, and to an accurate and fair representation of their beliefs, values and practices in all its teaching materials."
•  Religious education
web Religious Education Association
"The Religious Education Association is: Inter-Religious - It provides a place of conversations for people of various religious traditions. International - It includes membership from many countries world-wide. Inclusive - It involves people in all areas of religious education such as directors of religious education, volunteer educators, clergy, lay leaders, researchers and students, etc. Influential - It has enlisted strategic leaders in religion and education to implement ideas through meetings and publications. Innovative - It has pioneered work in the areas of: theory and practice of religious education, religious and public education, adult faith development, etc."
•  Religious education
•  Religion -- Professional societies
web Theology Library: Education
A guide to Internet resources in religious education, focusing on Roman Catholicism. Maintained by Jerry Darring.
•  Catholic Church
•  Religious education
biblio Theory and Research in Christian Education: A Select Bibliography
Maintained by the North of England Institute for Christian Education.
•  Religious education
web Probe Ministries
"Our mission is to present balanced, biblically-based perspectives on a multitude of issues while training Christian students and adults to develop a Christian world view." This organization focuses on educating Christian high school and college students. The site has many articles on various topics.
•  Apologetics
•  Religious education
syllab "Christian Education in Relation to Creation"
A course by Mary Hess at Luther Seminary.
•  Religious education
web Christian Educators of the 20th Century
"Welcome to the Christian Educators of the 20th Century web-based database. This site provides access to information about the people who have shaped the field of Christian education in North America throughout the 20th Century. It is overseen by an editorial board consisting of Christian education scholars from a variety of denominational backgrounds."
•  Religious education
syllab "Foundations of Christian Education"
A 2010 course by Barbara Anne Keeley at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.

•  Religious education
biblio Christian Education: A Bibliography
Edited by Charles Bellinger.
•  Religious education
web Weyerhaeuser Center for Faith & Learning
"The Weyerhaeuser Center at Whitworth College aspires to be nationally recognized for innovative programs designed to promote Christian scholarship, effective faith-learning integration in and out of the classroom, greater spiritual depth in students, renewal of clergy and education for laity, and a better understanding of the dynamic between religion and culture in the Pacific Northwest."
•  Religion and culture
•  Religious education
•  Religion -- Centers and institutes
top site web Education About Religions and Beliefs
"Education about different religions and beliefs, and critically thinking about the nature of beliefs, enables populations to deal sensitively and tolerantly with the reality of today's globalized multicultural world where one will encounter people who believe in many different religions, or people who may not believe in any religion at all. This site focuses on primary and secondary education about religions and beliefs – as a starting point. Material on civic education, tolerance education, ethics education, and other forms of education aimed at enabling us to learn to live together will also be featured." Sponsored by the United Nations.
•  Religions
•  Religious education
ejournal Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice
"Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice is a refereed, open access, online journal that promotes and disseminates scholarship about the purposes, practices, and issues in Catholic education at all levels."
•  Catholic Church
•  Religious education
web National Catholic Educational Association
"The National Catholic Educational Association has been providing leadership and service to American Catholic educators since 1904. NCEA’s institutional and individual memberships represent Catholic education at all levels and in a variety of settings: preschools, elementary, and secondary schools, parish catechetical/religious education programs, diocesan offices, colleges, universities and seminaries."
•  Catholic Church
•  Religious education
•  Religion -- Professional societies
web Practicing our Faith
"This website is sponsored by the Valparaiso Project on the Education and Formation of People in Faith, a project whose purpose is to develop resources to help contemporary people live the Christian faith with vitality and integrity in changing times. The Project is ecumenical in orientation and appreciative of the legacies of a range of Christian traditions. We are sponsoring a series of seminars, books, conferences, videos, and this website for adults and youth."
•  Religious education
syllab "Today's Children's Ministry"
A 2010 course by Mayra Castaneda at Andover Newton Theological School.
•  Religious education
web Hess, Mary
Prof. Hess teaches at Luther Seminary.
•  Religious education
•  Personal home pages and CVs
web Catholic Education Resource Center
"The purpose of The Catholic Educator's Resource Center is to identify existing resources and to develop new resources which effectively communicate the power and beauty of Catholic faith and culture and to make these resources readily available for Catholic educators. Such resources should reflect criteria of interpretation consistent with the Catholic faith and the social and moral teachings of the Church."
•  Catholic Church
•  Religious education
syllab "Practices of Teaching"
A 1999 course by Mary C. Boys and Kathleen Talvacchia at Union Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Multiple Intelligences and Christian Education"
A 2013 course by Bradley Wigger at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

•  Religious education
syllab "Connections in Ecology and Religious Education"
A 2009 course by Tim Van Meter at Methodist Theological School of Ohio.

•  Environmental ethics -- Religious aspects
•  Religious education
syllab "Nurturing Spiritual Development in Children"
A 2008 course by Holly Allen at John Brown University.
•  Religious education
syllab "Creating Curriculum for Children in Christian Settings"
A 2007 course by Holly Allen at John Brown University.
•  Religious education
ejournal "On Cultural Transmission and Being Human"
An essay by Chantal Delsol.

•  Religious education
•  Online Article or Essay
ejournal Christian Perspectives in Education
"Christian Perspectives in Education is an online, peer-reviewed journal. It specifically focuses upon Christian perspectives in theory, research, and practices of education. The journal has a multi-level and interdisciplinary focus, inviting contributions from primary, secondary, and higher education educators and researchers from various academic disciplines including but not limited to education, communication, business, humanities, and psychology." Published at Liberty University.
•  Religious education
•  Online Journal
top site web Center for First Third Ministry
"The Center for First Third Ministry at Luther Seminary exists to equip ministry leaders and congregations to faithfully and effectively minister with children, youth, young adults and families. We do that by developing: solid theological understandings; faithful and vibrant ministry strategies; known best practices; and well-informed and skilled leadership for faith communities as they serve the world."
•  Religious education
•  Youth ministry
•  Religion -- Centers and institutes
web Lifelong Faith
"LifelongFaith Associates is committed to helping congregations develop lifelong faith formation for all ages and generations, increasing the capacity of leaders and communities to nurture faith growth."
•  Religious education
•  Youth ministry
syllab "Christian Education in Asian American Contexts"
A 2011 course by Deborah Oh at Fuller Theological Seminary.

•  Religious education
syllab "Educational Ministry with Adults"
A 2012 course by Steve Kang at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

•  Religious education
syllab "Historical and Philosophical Foundations for Christian Education"
A 2012 course by Yau Man Siew at Tyndale Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Spiritual Formation in Children"
A 2013 course by Shera Melick at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Child, Family, and Community Relations"
A 2014 course by Stirling Marcum at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Ministry Design for Children and Their Parents"
A 2012 course by La Verne Tolbert at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Educational Ministry in the Church"
A 2014 course by John Kwasny at Reformed Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Principles and Approaches to Bible Teaching"
A 2013 course by Shera Melick at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
syllab "Spirituality and the Catholic Educator"
A 2014 course by Jeanne Cover at St. Augustine's Seminary.
•  Religious education
•  Spirituality
syllab "History and Theories of Christian Education"
A 2014 course by Jack Seymour at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
•  Religious education
ejournal Church Life: A Journal for the New Evangelization
"Church Life: A Journal for the New Evangelization is a free online journal that explores the theological and pastoral roots of the new evangelization, with particular attention to catechesis, liturgy, adult theological education, a spirituality of vocation, and the formation of ordained and lay ministers." Maintained at the University of Notre Dame.
•  Ecclesiology
•  Liturgics
•  Religious education
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