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born 1866-1900
Barth, Karl, 1886-1968:
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biblio Barth Literature Search Project
"This site offers an online, searchable bibliography of literature by and about the Swiss-German theologian Karl Barth (1886-1968). We hope that this online bibliography will support and promote the study of Barth's theology. The online bibliography contains information about both primary and secondary literature. The database also links directly to digital publications whenever such are available."
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
ejournal Barmen Declaration
This statement in resistance to Nazism was chiefly authored by Barth.
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Online Article or Essay
top site etext Barth
This page, part of Religion Online, contains articles about Barth.
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
top site web Center for Barth Studies
"The Center for Barth Studies was established in 1997. As a part of the Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries system, it is acquiring a complete collection of writings by and about Karl Barth. A clearinghouse for Barth scholarship and activities, its program will include conferences, research opportunities, discussion groups, and publications." The director of the Center is George Hunsinger.
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Religion -- Centers and institutes
ejournal "Jesus is Victor! Karl Barth and Pietism, the Blumhardts and Politics"
An article by Rudolf Bisanz in the Journal for Christian Theological Research.
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Online Article or Essay
web Church Dogmatics in a Week
A thumbnail summary of Barth's Church Dogmatics, by Ben Myers. (It only takes a few minutes to read it, not a week.)
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
web Nothing New Under the Sun
A Barthian theological blog.
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Religion -- Blogs
top site etext Karl Barth Reading Room
A large collection of links to online texts by and about Barth. Maintained by Arnold Neufeldt-Fast.
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Online Text Collection
etext Digital Karl Barth Library
A large collection of Barth writings in German and English. Access requires a paid subscription.
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Online Text Collection
ejournal "Not Being Serious: Thomas Merton and Karl Barth"
A lecture by Rowan Williams (2008).
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968
•  Williams, Rowan, 1950-
•  Online Article or Essay
ejournal Karl Barth (1886-1968)
An introductory essay.

•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Online Article or Essay
ejournal Top Ten Theologians: #9 – Karl Barth
An introductory essay, by Tim Kimberley.

•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Online Article or Essay
syllab "Calvin and Barth on Election"
A 2012 course by Peter Anders at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Calvin, John, 1509-1564
web Karl Barth | International Website
"Purpose: This website provides an introduction into Karl Barth’s life, work and theology. It also aims to serve as a hub to organizations or resources associated with Karl Barth worldwide and to inform about current events and news. Website development: By Barbara Zellweger, as final project for her M.A. in mass communication at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States, in memory of her great-grandfather Karl Barth."
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
web Karl Barth - Epistle to the Romans
A brief video clip of Barth speaking about the writing of his first book. In German, with English subtitles.

•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Religion -- Video resources
image Karl Barth and Contemporary Theology
A 25 minute video lecture, by Tom Greggs, introducing Karl Barth as a significant figure within contemporary theological scholarship.
•  Barth, Karl, 1886-1968
•  Religion -- Video resources
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