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Religion -- Indexes:
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top site biblio Table of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists
"TOCS-IN provides the tables of contents of a selection of Classics, Near Eastern Studies, and Religion journals, both in text format and through a Web search program. Where possible, links are given with articles of which the full text or an abstract is available online (about 15%)."
•  Ancient Near East
•  Classical civilization and literature
•  Religion -- Indexes
top site biblio Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
Maintained by Margaret Schaus.
•  Christianity -- Middle ages
•  Religion -- Indexes
•  Women -- Religious aspects
biblio Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance
"Iter was created for the advancement of learning in the study and teaching of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700) through the development of electronic resources."
•  Christianity -- Middle ages
•  Religion -- Indexes
top site biblio Mimesis: Documentation of the Mimetic Theory of Rene Girard
A large searchable database of published materials by and about Rene Girard.
•  Girard, Rene, 1923-
•  Religion and violence
•  Religion -- Indexes
top site biblio Online Bibliography Theology and Peace
"The online bibliography Theology and Peace contains more than 100,000 titles subject indexed using descriptors. Literature relevant to research into peace ethics from the individual disciplines of theology and other sciences has been taken into account."
•  Religion -- Indexes
•  Theology
•  War and peace -- Religious aspects
web ATLA Religion Database
"The ATLA Religion Database is the premier index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion. This comprehensive bibliographic database spans 50 years. Selected records go back as far as 1818. The one-million-plus records in the ATLA Religion Database include: journal articles; multi-author works containing essays; book reviews, etc. Coverage areas for RDB include: Bible, archaeology, and antiquities; human culture and society; church history, missions, and ecumenism; pastoral ministry; world religions and religious studies; and theology, philosophy, and ethics."
•  Bible
•  Religion -- Indexes
•  Theology
web Christian Periodical Index
"The purpose of The Christian Periodical Index is to provide access to English language articles and reviews written from an evangelical perspective. It is available in print and electronic formats."
•  Christianity
•  Evangelicalism
•  Religion -- Indexes
web Index theologicus (IxTheo)
"This database contains document descriptions from more than 600 periodicals and from Festschriften and congress publications."
•  Religions
•  Theology
•  Religion -- Indexes
web International Medieval Bibliography
"The International Medieval Bibliography (IMB), established in 1967, is the leading interdisciplinary bibliography of the Middle Ages. The IMB is produced by an Editorial team at the University of Leeds and some 30 contributors word wide. It covers periodical literature and miscellany volumes published in Europe, North America, Australasia, Brazil, Japan and South Africa."
•  Christianity -- Middle ages
•  Religion -- Indexes
web New Testament Abstracts
"Founded in 1956, New Testament Abstracts has become an indispensable research and bibliographic aid for scholars, librarians, clergy, and students of the New Testament and its historical milieu. Every year NTA abstracts at least 2,150 articles chosen from more than 500 periodicals in numerous languages. Nearly 850 current books are also summarized annually."
•  Bible -- N.T.
•  Religion -- Indexes
web Old Testament Abstracts
"OTA on CD-ROM is the product of a partnership between ATLA and the Catholic Biblical Association. The current edition (1999) contains nearly 29,000 records spanning twenty years of biblical scholarship from 1978-1998. All abstracts are in English regardless of the language of the original work. Sources are predominantly journal articles but also include books, essays, and software. OTA on CD-ROM is available for the MS-DOS operating system and is issued annually in the spring."
•  Hebrew Bible
•  Religion -- Indexes
web Philosopher's Index
"The Index includes more than 300 journals from more than 40 countries and is updated quarterly. In addition to the subject and author indexes, each issue or edition includes a book review index. The alphabetical subject index lists the subject headings and proper names that describe the content of articles and books. Editors determine which subject headings most accurately describe the contents of each book and article. Each entry cites the title and author of the publication. The author index alphabetically lists the authors of the articles and books. Each entry includes the complete bibliographic citation and, in most cases, an abstract. The book review index provides an author and a title listing of book reviews." Available in print and electronic formats.
•  Philosophy and religion
•  Religion -- Indexes
top site biblio RAMBI (Index to Articles on Jewish Studies)
"RAMBI - The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies - is a selective bibliography of articles in the various fields of Jewish studies and in the study of Eretz Israel. Material listed in Rambi is compiled from thousands of periodicals and from collections of articles - in Hebrew, Yiddish, and European languages- mainly from the holdings of the Jewish National and University Library, a world center for research on the Jewish people and Eretz Israel."
•  Judaism
•  Religion -- Indexes
web Religious and Theological Abstracts
"Religious and Theological Abstracts provides objective summaries of articles appearing in scholarly journals in the fields of Religion and Theology. We list a wide variety of periodical literature, including Christian, Jewish, and other world religions, and provide English language abstracts of articles in English, Hebrew, Afrikaans, and major European languages." Available in print, cd-rom, and Internet formats.
•  Religions
•  Theology
•  Religion -- Indexes
web Research in Ministry Online
"RIM® Online is a freely available database that indexes D.Min. projects from reporting schools of theology accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. Indexing began in 1981. Author, title, project advisor, institution, and subject access are provided. In addition, an abstract for each project is included when one has been provided by the author."
•  Theology, Practical
•  Religion -- Indexes
web Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik
This site offers indexes to ZPE, beginning with vol. 1.
•  Ancient Near East
•  Religion -- Indexes
top site biblio Bibliographic Information Base in Patristics
"The Bibliographic Information Base in Patristics is a documentary system highly specialized in patristics. Even if patristic literature remains its major preoccupation, the BIBP touches on all disciplines studying patristic Christianity. This Web site allows to use the bibliographical services of the BIBP. Now, some 32 400 records, from about 325 journals, can be searched. Presently, the database can be searched only in French. By way of French, all records can be searched."
•  Christianity -- Early church
•  Religion -- Indexes
web ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index
"ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index provides indexing of periodicals, essay collections, church documents, papal documents and electronic resources expressly addressing the practice and intellectual tradition of Roman Catholicism. ATLA CPLI contains indexing from 1981 to the present and is updated quarterly. Content within its scope is selected for indexing based on enduring scholarly merit."
•  Catholic Church
•  Religion -- Indexes
biblio Online Medieval Sources Bibliography
"This database provides a searchable bibliography of texts—from private letters, wills, and household accounts to literary works, philosophical treatises, chronicles, court proceedings, church records, and a host of other documents—that were written in the Middle Ages and are now available in printed or online editions and translations. The aim is to provide annotated entries that include information on the genre, contents, archival reference and original language of the text, as well as whether the publication includes a translation, introduction, appendices, glossary, and index. Where appropriate, the bibliography also includes hyperlinks to sources that are online." Maintained at Fordham University.
•  Christianity -- Middle ages
•  Religion -- Indexes
biblio Historical Bibliography of the Augustinian Order
"This website contains a unique bibliography on the history of the order of St. Augustine (over 13 000 references) subdivided by General History, Local History, Personal History, Augustinian Sisters, Hagiography - Iconography."
•  Catholic Church
•  Monasticism and religious orders
•  Religion -- Indexes
top site web Hymnary.org: A Comprehensive Index of Hymns and Hymnals
"The Dictionary of North American Hymnology indexes the contents of 4876 hymnals, published in North America between 1640 and 1978, and over one million hymns contained in these publications. The index can currently be searched in two ways, for a hymnal or for a hymn. Each of these can be searched through multiple fields."
•  Religion and music
•  Religion -- Indexes
web Noesis: Philosophical Research On-Line
"Noesis is a limited area search engine for open access, academic philosophy on the Internet."
•  Philosophy and religion
•  Religion -- Indexes
web Theological Journals Search
"This search engine targets over 1,000 Web sites/pages to retrieve full text articles from over 350 open access journals related to religious studies, scripture studies, systematic theology, practical theology, and cognate disciplines. Among the journals searched are many of those listed in major religion Internet directories and e-journal sites."
•  Religion -- Indexes
•  Theology
web Restoration Serials Index
An online searchable index to a large number of periodicals in the Stone-Campbell / Restoration tradition.
•  Protestantism -- Smaller groups
•  Religion -- Indexes
web Machiavelli on the Net
"The main purpose of these pages is to work as a portal to online material that is in some way related to Machiavelli: his own works in both the original Italian and translated into English, and articles written about him and his ideas." Maintained by Timo Laine.
•  Machiavelli, Niccolo, 1469-1527
•  Religion -- Indexes
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