Teaching and Traumatic Events

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Teaching and Traumatic Events 

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Current events are pressing conversations about trauma and traumatic events in classrooms across higher education, not just those associated with theology and religion, and the Wabash Center is seeking to be responsive to the need for faculty conversation about the topic and to provide effective teaching resources.

Blog posts from a team of ten writers address this topic. We encourage comments and conversations about “Teaching and Traumatic Events.” 

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In graduate school, I spent a year teaching at San Quentin State Prison while writing my dissertation. I loved my Religion and English classes at the prison and frequently remarked to friends that teaching incarcerated men, many of them in their mid-thirties or beyond, was strikingly similar to teaching 18-22...

The questions that inform my teaching and scholarship focus on representations of violence. This means I spend a good deal of time studying such representations. I learned several years ago that my capacity to answer relatively straight-forward questions like “But is that film really gory?” or “Will I find that ...

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