About Consultations

The Wabash Center has trained consultants who are available for onsite visits for faculty discussions, retreats, workshops or other sustained conversations about teaching and learning. We will fund the stipend and travel of the consultant; we ask that the school provide all local hospitality expenses, including room, board, and local travel.


A Wabash Center consultation can take a variety of forms from a structured workshop focused on a specific practice or issue on your campus, to a less-structured conversation or exploration of an issue guided by an experienced outsider who is skilled at facilitating faculty conversations.

To apply, submit an online application. Based on the nature of the request, we will identify a consultant from our pool who will be a good fit with your proposal. We will then put this consultant in touch with you to begin conversations and planning for the event.


Possible Workshops 

Our consultants are experienced teachers from a wide variety of academic settings. They will work with you to design faculty retreats and workshops that focus on specific practices of teaching and learning.

  • learning styles
  • teaching strategies

  • cultural diversity in the classroom

  • instructional design

  • evaluation of student learning

  • teaching and adult development

  • relationship of teaching practices to curricular revision

  • use of media and educational technology

  • personal commitments and presuppositions of teaching and learning

  • public role of teaching or teaching as public theology

  • faith issues in the classroom

  • various teaching strategies, such as service-learning, team teaching, online discussions

Possible Conversations

Our consultants are excellent conversation facilitators. They can help faculty, department chairs, or deans explore how to identify and respond to issues of teaching and learning.

  • designing a faculty development program

  • enhancing integrative courses

  • exploring effective ways to evaluate teaching

  • examining the culture of learning at your institution

  • relating pedagogical practice to institutional mission and curriculum purposes

  • using assessment data to improve teaching

Consultations can help groups of faculty members explore and plan in a collegial atmosphere or coach department chairs and deans on issues of faculty development in teaching and learning. They may be as brief as a single session or extended to refine issues over a day or two. The Wabash Center will support two visits per school. The Wabash Center consulting program is structured around the goals of those involved, focusing on their particular teaching practices, contexts, and experiences. In conversation with a consultant, a design or program can be developed to fit your institution’s needs and expectations.


How to Apply
Our Philosophy of Consultations
See also: Wabash Center Grants
More Information
Nadine Pence (pencen@wabash.edu)
Director, Wabash Center

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