Future Workshops

Our Projection of Future Workshops

This schedule is subject to change, based on a variety of factors. Nevertheless, we can project a tentative schedule for the next several years.

Most of our extended workshops and colloquies gather for 3 sessions: a week in successive summers with a weekend gathering in January on the South Texas beach.

Each summer we start a new Workshop for Early Career Faculty in Theological Education.

This holds true for the Workshops for Early Career Religion Faculty at Colleges and Universities (undergraduate education) — except every third time we skip a year.

Projected Workshops:

  • 2021-22 Colloquy for Theological School Deans
  • 2021-22 Workshop for Early Career Theological School Faculty
  • 2021-22 Workshop for Early Career Faculty Teaching Undergraduates
  • 2022-23 Workshop for Early Career Theological School Faculty
  • 2022-23 Workshop for Early Career Faculty Teaching Undergraduates

Policy on Deadlines for Program Deadlines

The program deadlines are meant to facilitate application by a wide array of participants, as well as create fairness in the selection process. Program deadlines also assist administrative staff who work to support each group and all programs.  The Wabash Center will, when we see the necessity, extend the deadline of an application process.  We will rarely, if ever, extend the deadline for individual requests.  We ask participants, as well as recommenders, to respect these important deadline boundaries.  Adherence to deadlines foster fair-mindedness and a spirit of collegiality. Should an issue need to be arbitrated, please be in touch with the Director of the Wabash Center.

In addition . . .

We occasionally convene invited groups for conversation on topics of pressing concern.

See as well our Annual Events at the AAR-SBL Conference

Scheduled Events This Year

Colloquies for Mid-Career Faculty

We offer successive colloquies on a rotating basis for mid-career faculty and administrators, typically focused on a particular issue or challenge.

Current colloquies:

Work with Doctoral Programs

Our Preparing Future Faculty initiative gathers doctoral programs every other year for a day-and-a-half conversation about preparing graduate students for careers as teachers. Our next Graduate Program Conferences are projected for Fall 2018 and 2020.

See as well our Doctoral Student Seminars. Workshops series are planned for the 2017-18 academic year in the Boston and New York regions.

Applications are typically due January 15th.
New programs are usually announced each October.

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