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Thomas Pearson, Editor
Teaching Theology and Religion

Associate Director, Wabash Center



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Reflective Structured Dialogues: A conversation with 2018 American Academy of Religion excellence in teaching award winner Jill DeTemple
Jill DeTemple, Eugene V. Gallagher, Kwok Pui Lan, Thomas Pearson

Sketching the Contours of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion
Patricia O’Connell Killen and Eugene V. Gallagher

Learning to Drink Deeply from Books: Using Experiential Assignments to Teach Concepts
Ann M. Burlein

Let Us Pray: Classroom Worship in Theological Education
Brent Laytham

On Qualifying Religious Literacy: Recent Debates on Higher Education and Religious Studies in Japan
Satoko Fujiwara

Rethinking Classroom Diversity: Three Student Cultures in a Mainline Seminary
Christopher H. Evans

Weakness, Belonging and the ‘Intercordia Experience’: The Logic and Limits of Dissonance as a Transformative Learning Tool
Reid B. Locklin

Teaching the Bible in the Context of General Education
Jonathan Z. Smith

The Scholarship of Teaching in Theology and Religion: A Wabash Center Advisory Committee Conversation
Charles R. Foster

Tools and Raw Materials in a Workshop for Critical Thought
Mark D. Hulsether

Yes, I Use a Textbook (Now)
David Cloutier

Forum: Should We Be Teaching the Historical Critical Method?
A.K.M. Adam, Richard Ascough, Sandra Gravett, Alice Hunt, Dale Martin, Edward Wimberly and Seung Ai Yang

Forum: Formation in the Classroom
Fred Glennon, Douglas Jacobsen, Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen, John J. Thatamanil, Amanda Porterfield and Mary Elizabeth Moore

Asynchronous Writing Assignments Using the Writing Rubric
Jeffery Galle

Metaphor for Teaching
Let Me Entertain You: The Exciting Perks and Perils of Teaching American Religion as a Vaudeville (or Burlesque?) Performer
Katy E Shrout

Debating Paul
David Torbett

The Use Value of Fight Club in Teaching Theories of Religion
William E. Smith

Transforming to Teach: Teaching Religion to Today’s Black College Student
Monica A. Coleman

Webbing the Common Good: Virtual Environment, Incarnated Community, and Education for the Reign of God
Helen M. Blier

Getting Out of the Way: A Strategy for Engaging Students in Collaborative Learning
Judith Berling

Writing Discernment in Theological Education
Jane McAvoy and Deborah Core

Wabash Center