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“Adjunct Teaching”

Contingent professors (also known as “adjuncts”) include full- and part-time faculty who serve under limited contracts off the tenure track. While their work for departments is often overlooked, contingent faculty can have a valuable perspective on teaching in higher education that all of us can learn from. This broad Call for Papers asks: how does your contingent status impact how you teach and how your students learn?

Specific prompts to help spur your response:

  • Teaching at different institutions provides comparative perspective on differences between institutions (teaching and learning cultures, expectations by students, faculty, administrators, etc.). How have you had to change your syllabus and your teaching methods when teaching “the same course” in a different setting?
  • How does contingency shape your teaching, both in the classroom and in potential interactions with students outside the classroom?
  • If you taught substantially the same course on different campuses, how did the different contexts shape your teaching?  Did the assignments vary? Did your work in the classroom vary?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  Did the course you were teaching have a role in general education at those institutions?
  • How has your status impacted your relation to the course material? If you’ve had no role in the development of a curriculum, how does that effect how you teach? Have you, for example, had to teach a pre-determined syllabus or has your choice of readings been constrained in some way?

We welcome manuscripts as short as 2,000 words up to 7,000 words in length. 

For the purposes of this Call for Papers we are less concerned that the argument be grounded in scholarship on teaching or draw on and contribute to research on student learning. We seek essays that critically reflect on your own teaching practice through careful description and analysis of the processes of student learning you see in your various classrooms.

We encourage email inquiries that sketch an idea for a potential article; we will respond promptly to provide suggestions on how the idea could be developed into an article suitable to the journal.

Deadline extended: January 1, 2019

Send manuscripts, inquires or questions, to:
Thomas Pearson
Editor, Teaching Theology & Religion



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