Submit a Teaching Tactic

Teaching Tactics

In 400 words, describe a successful teaching tactic that you have used and that could be replicated by other instructors. We are especially interested in receiving Tactics specific to online classrooms.

  • State succinctly the context within which you used the strategy including: characteristics of your students, the institution and the course, when in the semester you use this tactic, and how long it takes.
  • State the pedagogical purpose of the strategy.
  • Describe the strategy itself in brief, clear language.
  • State why and how the strategy was effective – i.e., how it supported student learning.
  • Please provide a title.
  • Please be sure to label each of these steps (making the Tactic easy for the reader to scan and comprehend).

In some cases you may want to change the order of the steps, particularly exchanging steps 2 and 3.

Brevity is key. Please do not exceed 400 words.

A successful Teaching Tactic will be transferable by the reader beyond the narrowly specific context of your course, your reading assignments, and your lecture notes.

Manuscripts are accepted on an on-going basis.

Guidelines, Style Sheet, and Process for Submission

All Teaching Tactics are available for free download without subscription.

Thomas Pearson
Editor, Teaching Theology and Religion
Associate Director, Wabash Center