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Going Online: Perspectives on Digital Learning

Ubell, Robert
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
LB1028.5.U28 2017
Topics: Online Learning   |   Learning Designs   |   Constructivist & Active Learning Theory   |   Leadership and Faculty Development

Additional Info:
In Going Online, one of our most respected online learning leaders offers insights into virtual education―what it is, how it works, where it came from, and where it may be headed. Robert Ubell reaches back to the days when distance learning was practiced by mail in correspondence schools and then leads us on a tour behind the screen, touching on a wide array of topics along the way, including what it takes to teach online and the virtual student experience. You’ll learn about:

-how to build a sustainable online program;
-how to create an active learning online course;
-why so many faculty resist teaching online;
-how virtual teamwork enhances digital instruction;
-how to manage online course ownership;
-how learning analytics improves online instruction.

Ubell says that it is not technology alone, but rather unconventional pedagogies, supported by technological innovations, that truly activate today's classrooms. He argues that innovations introduced online―principally peer-to-peer and collaborative learning―offer significantly increased creative learning options across all age groups and educational sectors. This impressive collection, drawn from Ubell's decades of experience as a digital education pioneer, presents a powerful case for embracing online learning for its transformational potential.

Table Of Content:
Foreword by Katepalli R. Sreenivasan


Part I. Virtual Classes

Ch 1. Dewey Goes Online
Ch 2. Virtual Team Learning
Ch 3. Active Learning: Interaction, Diversity and Evolution in Online Learning (John Vivolo)
Ch 4. What You Can Do Online, But Not on Campus
Ch 5. Why Faculty Don’t Want to Teach Online
Ch 6. Blind Scores in a Graduate Test: Conventional Compared with Online Outcomes With M. Hosein Fallah

Part II. Migrating Online
Ch 7. Migrating Online with A. Frank Mayadas
Ch 8. Who Owns What? Unbundling Online Course Property Rights
Ch 9. The Road Not Taken: Divergence of Corporate and Academic Online Instruction
Ch 10. Engineers Turn to Online Learning
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