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Navigating the Dissertation: Strategies for New Doctoral Advising Faculty and Their Advisees

Di Pierro, Marianne
New Forums Press, Stillwater, OK
LB2386.D5 2014
Topics: Mentoring Faculty   |   Leadership and Faculty Development   |   Doctoral Students and New Teachers

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Abstract: This book examines the intricacies of the doctoral educational process and delineates a process for continuous improvement that will shape and enhance better professional relationships between dissertation advisors and their advisees and cultivate opportunities for increased retention and graduation. The book includes critical principles, interwoven with students’ real life experiences which serve as illustrative vehicles. Moreover, its innovative approach – a book written for new advisors and their advisees or for seasoned advisors seeking new ways to communicate with their advisees – departs from other books that provide generally only a one-dimensional view, usually from the student’s perspective. The titles of many of these are couched in metaphors of survival and overcoming a threat, rather than centered in strong initiatives that will lead to timely graduation in a supportive and encouraging environment. This book offers innovative and pioneering leadership approaches to transport advisors and advisees to a successful outcome. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:

ch. 1 Dissertation Advising: The Need for Collaborative Training Models
ch. 2 The Rules of Engagement
ch. 3 Defining Editing Expectations: More Rules of Engagement
ch. 4 The Toxic Committee
ch. 5 Considerations When Forming a Committee: For Advisees
ch. 6 Selection of the Advisee: For Faculty
ch. 7 Other Considerations for the Advisor as Leader
ch. 8 Vetting the Committee
ch. 9 Discovering the Dissertation Topic
ch. 10 The Concept Paper and the Quality Circle Review
ch. 11 Implementation of Editorial Commentary and Technology
ch. 12 Naming Conventions for Maintaining Draft Files
ch. 13 Working Against the Grain: For Advisors
ch. 14 Working Against the Grain: For Advisees
ch. 15 Dissertation Proposal and the Human Subject Institutional Review Board (HSIRB)
Protocol: Symmetry in Design
ch. 16 Preparing for the Oral Defense of the Dissertation: 17 Easy Steps
ch. 17 Bill of Rights for the Advisee/Advisor
ch. 18 Combating the  Dissertation Blues: Comprehensive Examinations - The Prelude
ch. 19 The Dissertation Writing Blues
ch. 20 The Dissertation Aftermath Blues
ch. 21 Debriefing: An Essential Final Step in Doctoral Education
ch. 22 New Forms and New Paradigms
ch. 23 Personalizing Academic Misconduct: An Approach for the Graduate Classroom
ch. 24 The Future of Doctoral Education: A Visionary Perspective
ch. 25 Quick Takes

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