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Indicators of the processes that enhance GTA teaching and professional development: the use of reflective practice, feedback, mentorship, and engagement in teaching practice. Including: online environment,  role-play activity, micro-teaching, and  independent course instruction.

Table Of Content:
Special Issue Introduction
Introduction from Special Issue Editors (Cynthia Korpan, Lianne Fisher, Lorraine Godden, Shaya Golparian, Aisha Haque, Betsy Keating, Suzanne Le-May Sheffield, Annie Riel, Christina Skorobohacz, Roselynn Verwoord, Kim West)

Special Issue Article
Exploring Future Teachers’ Awareness, Competence, Confidence, and Attitudes Regarding Teaching Online: Incorporating Blended/Online Experience into the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Course for Graduate Students (Suzanne Le-May Sheffield)

Developing Graduate Students' Self-Efficacy with Learner-Centred Lecturing (Meagan A. C. Troop, Lauren E. Wallar, Erin Aspenlieder)

Evaluating the Differential Impact of Teaching Assistant Training Programs on International Graduate Student Teaching (Ken N. Meadows, Karyn C. Olsen, Nanda Dimitrov, Debra L. Dawson)

Strategic Use of Role Playing in a Training Workshop for Chemistry Laboratory Teaching Assistants (Priyanka Lekhi, Sophia Nussbaum )

Addressing the Needs of Doctoral Students as Academic Practitioners: A Collaborative Inquiry on Teaching in Higher Education (Lisa J Starr, Ashley DeMartini)

Good Teaching Starts Here: Applied Learning at the Graduate Teaching Assistant Institute (Michele A. Parker, Diana Ashe, Jess Boersma, Robert Hicks, Victoria Bennett)
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