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Teaching Preaching as a Christian Practice: A New Approach to Homiletical Pedagogy

Long, Thomas G. and Leonora Tubbs Tisdale, eds.
Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, KY
BV4211.3.T43 2008
Topics: Teaching Religion   |   Ministerial Formation

Additional Info:
Preaching's most able practitioners gather in this book to call for a radical change in how Christian preaching is taught. Arguing that preaching is a living practice with a long tradition, an identifiable shape, and a broad set of norms and desired outcomes, these scholars propose that teachers initiate their students into the larger practice of preaching-the habits of mind, patterns of action, and ways of being that are integral to the ministry of preaching. The book concludes with designs for a basic preaching course and addresses the question of how preaching courses fit into the larger patterns of seminary curricula. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Sect. I Preaching as a Christian practice
ch. 1 A new focus for teaching preaching (Thomas G. Long)
ch. 2 Why the idea of practice matters (James Nieman)
ch. 3 Teaching preaching as a Christian practice (David J. Lose)

Sect. II The components of the practice of preaching
ch. 4 Interpreting texts for preaching (James W. Thompson)
ch. 5 Exegeting the congregation (Leonora Tubbs Tisdale)
ch. 6 Interpreting the larger social context (James Henry Harris)
ch. 7 The use of language (Teresa Fry Brown)
ch. 8 The preaching imagination (Anna Carter Florence)
ch. 9 Creation of form (Lucy Hogan)
ch. 10 Cultivating historical vision( Joseph R. Jeter, Jr.)
ch. 11 Voice and diction (Teresa Fry Brown)

Sect. III Assessment and formation
ch. 12 Marks of faithful preaching practice (Paul Scott Wilson)
ch. 13 Methods of assessment (Daniel E. Harris)

Sect. IV Preaching in the curriculum
ch. 14 Designing the introductory course in preaching (Barbara K. Lundblad)
ch. 15 Finding support from school, denomination, and academy (Gregory Heille)
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