RST 305, Fall  2001, Semester Schedule

        This schedule is based upon an "as-needed" concept of learning which allows for flexibility and student input
        for the course.  Thus,   the schedule will be developed in sections or modules as the study progresses in order
        to best meet the needs of the learners, the learning process and to allow the professor to mentor the learners
        in the most significant directions and ways of learning.  This method of learning is, therefore, learner or student-
        centered, active, experiential, collaborative,  interactive, creative and critically reflective/contemplative,
        and downright enjoyable. This schedule is organic and alive with possibilities.
        Assignments will be found listed here.

  Please monitor that  your email is working (empty your trash file regularly) and check your email regularly.

Relevant Web Sites
                               Guide to Early Christian Documents
                               Early Church Fathers
                               Journal of Early Christian Studies
                               The Ecole Initiative (Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History)
                               Early Christianity Internet Resources
                               Gnostic Society Library
                               Biographical Sketches of Christians of the Past

Week 1:     Introduction to the purposes, goals and methods of the study
8/20           Chadwick 9-53; Ehrman 1-6, 383-386
                    Early Christian Chronology   |   Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop & Martyr

Week 2:     Chadwick 54-83;  Ehrman 7-9, 18-34, 41-42;  Doran 51-63
8/27               From Jesus to Christ   |   Gospels   |   Map of Roman Empire
                     Pliny & Trajan on Christianity   |   Justin Martyr, Philosopher, Apologist & Martyr
                     Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, Theologian
                  [withdrawal period: 8/27 - 10/26]
                  Send valid email address(es) to mentor's email ( by 8/31

Week 3:      No class on 9/3, Labor Day
9/3              Chadwick 84-115;  Ehrman 51-53, 75-81, 95-105, 314-315, 375-382
                     First Christians   |   Collision with Paganism   |   Tertullian
                     Clement of Alexandria, Teacher & Apologist   Clement of Alexandria

Week 4:      Ehrman 131-134, 139-145, 160-164, 177-184, 193-210
9/10               Spread of Christianity   |   Why Did Christianity Succeed?
                  Essay #1 Guidelines
                  Teams Formed 9/11; Team Work Time (TWT) on 9/13

Week 5:      Ehrman 235-246, 255-258, 309-316, 343-351, 353-360
9/17               Early Christianity
                  Team Work Time 9/20

Week 6:      Chadwick 115-151;  Ehrman 317-332
9/24                History of the 4th Century   |   Important Christian Creeds
                      Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, Theologian   |   Hippolytus, Bishop & Martyr
                      Constantine  |   Conversion of Constantine (Eusebius)   |   Edict of Milan
                      Arian Controversy

Week 7:      Chadwick 152-212
10/1                Egyptian Monasticism   |   Antony, Monk & Abbot in Egypt
                      Monophysite Controversy
                      Team Work Time 10/4

Week 8:      Chadwick 213-289
10/8                 Jerome, Scholar, Translator & Theologican   |   Augustine of Hippo
                       Donatism   |   Donatist Schism   |   Augustine & Pelagianism
                       Early Christian Art
                  Mid-semester Evaluations due to mentor's email on 10/11-12
                  Team Work Time 10/11
                  Team Essay due on the class discussion list 3 days prior to the Team's in-class presentation

Week 9:      Team Presentations

Week 10:    Team Presentations
10/22          Post-presentation, individual evaluation essay due to mentor's email: 10/25-28
                  [last day to drop an individual course: 10/26]

Week 11:    Ehrman 405-429, 435-436;  Doran 9-59

Week 12:    Doran 85-114;  Brown 7-49
11/5                Augustine of Hippo   |   Augustine of Hippo, Bishop & Theologian

Week 13:    Brown 50-175
11/12               Monica, Mother of Augustine

Fall Break11/19-24
Week 14:     Brown 175-329

11/26              Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

Week 15:     Brown 330-437
12/3             Final Essay:  Rough Draft due to mentor's email on  12/3 (may be submitted earlier)

            The Final Essay, in its revised form, is due to the mentor's email by 10 AM, Dec. 10, 2001

            Also due at the same time as the final essay, is the Self-reflective, self-evaluation essay on the
            learning process in this course of study. The Final Essay and the Self-reflection Essay are to be
            submitted together in a single email.  Thank you.

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