REL 394/JH Seminar in Biology and Religion/Questions at the Interface

Honors Course, North Carolina Wesleyan College, January 1999

H.M.S. Beagle
Instructor: Dr. Nicola Hoggard Creegan 

Room 174 
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Religion Department, North Carolina Wesleyan College, Wesleyan Blvd, Rocky Mount, NC 27804

This is a web-integrated course at North Carolina Wesleyan College, a private Methodist liberal arts college. 

Web Page for this course:

This course is an Upper Level Honors Course, of three semester credits.

Hours: Twelve hours a week for three weeks.

Last taught: January 1999, 11 students.

Pedagogical Reflections

Classroom: Honors Room

Hours: 9-12, Mon- Thur, and afternoons as needed
Hours are approximate, and we will take longer in class if needed
Friday may be used for video presentation

Course Requirements:

Attendance, preparation, and participation 35%
Research Paper and Presentations 35%
Journal 15%
In class paragraphs, homework,  and quizzes (including a Darwin quizz) 15%



Janet Browne, Charles Darwin: Voyaging, Princeton University Press, 1996
* William A. Dembski, editor, Mere Creation: Science Faith and Intelligent Design, 1998
# John Hedley Brooke, Science and Religion:Some HIstorical Perspectives, Cambridge University Press, 1998
Web articles and handouts

Web Page Resources

Page for this course--
Search Engines accessible from this page at NCWC library: EBSCO, OCLC (NC LIVE)
Also Uncover

Sites with good articles and source material:

The American Scientific Affiliation--based at Calvin college
American Association for the Advancement of Science--Evolution Resources (Program for Dialogue between Science and Religion)
Phillip E. Johnson, Darwin on Trial--resources associated with Johnson's book Defeating Darwinism
God and Science--chapters of a book by Charles Henderson, contains links to informative pages on Darwin and his life, the Scopes trial, and other resources.
Books & Culture--Christianity Today Publication
Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith --Journal out of ASA
Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences--resources on religion and science

Other Sites of Interest:

The Templeton Foundation --John Templeton, millionaire philanthropist who funds science/religion projects around  the world
Darwin-and Darwinism internet discussion list --selected archives to be made available by instructor
Science and Spirit --Science and religion newletter

Darwin Sources

C. Warren Irvin Jr., Collection of Darwin and Darwiniana
Religious Belief--from the autobiography of Charles Darwin
Texts of Charles Darwin's books--The Voyage of the Beagle, the Origin of the Species, and The Descent of Man
Inherit the Wind: Hollywood History of the 1925 Scopes 'Monkey' Trial--David N. Menton


Schedule and Readings  

Tues Jan 5 Introduction to the Science/Religion Debate  
No readings
Wed/Thur Jan 6/7:  
Science/Religion models  
Models, Paradigms and Language  
Philosophical background
Readings for Wed/Th 
Mon /Tue Jan 11/12 : Darwin and his world Readings for Mon/Tue
Wed Jan 13: After Darwin: Social Darwinism and Sociobiology Readings for Wed
Thur Jan 14: The Fundamentalist reaction  
Creation Science
Readings for Thur
Tue Jan 19 Science and Religion: from conflict to contact and dialogue. Readings for Tue
Wed-Th Jan 20-21 Contemporary Dialogue Readings for Wed-Thur
Mon Jan 25 Persons and Nature  
The ecological crisis
Readings for Monday
Tue/Wed Jan 26/27 Student Reports Readings for Tue/Wed
Thursday Jan 28: Reception at the Dunn Center Readings for Thusday


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