Thank You!

Thank You! Sankofa Institute – Oblate School of Theology


Receiving the Excellence in Education in the Black Community award from the Sankofa Institute for African American Pastoral Leadership, at the Oblate School of Theology, is quite an honor.  Thank you very much. Sister Addie Lorraine Walker and the Dean of Oblate School of Theology, Dr. Scott Woodward, presented the award at the Christian Unity Worship Service, January 24, 2020. I am grateful for the prestigious recognition.  I am inspired by the work of the Sankofa Institute as it strives to uphold, inspire and challenge clergy and lay persons in the ways and values of Christian African American people of faith and culture. As a womanist scholar/teacher, the Akan idea of Sankofa, or looking back in order to move forward, is part of my spiritual discipline and cultural heritage. I want to especially thank Rev. Dr. Cheryl Ann Kirk-Duggan who accepted the award on my behalf. My lifelong dedication to education in the Black community is renewed.

-Nancy Lynne Westfield



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