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Sample “Budget and Budget Narrative” Appropriate for a Wabash Center Grant Proposal

Line Item Budget

Excerpt from a grant proposal for a project to gather faculty for post-conference workshops at two successive meetings of the American Academy of Religion.

First Meeting Second Meeting Total
Lodging 18 x $172 = $3096 19 x $165 = $3135 $6231
Food 18 x $125 = $2250 19 x $125 = $2375 $4625
Meeting Room $420 $420 $840
Stipend and fringe benefits for administrator $500 $500 $1000
Stipends for workshop consultants 5 x $300 = $1500 5 x $300 = $1500 $3000
Stipends for workshop facilitators 7 x $250 = $1750 7 x $250 = $1750 $3500
Administration and supplies $400 $403 $803
Total $19,999

Budget Narrative

One of our participants is only able to attend the second workshop (though she will be part of the process in other ways in the fall of 2008), so the budget reflects 18 participants in the first workshop and 19 in the second.

We will all require lodging for one night for each workshop. This budget assumes we will get conference rates through the AAR, and that the rate in Chicago will be slightly higher than in Montreal (because of the Canadian dollar).

This budget allows for hotel catering for all meals. We will require lunch and dinner on the first day of each workshop, and breakfast the second day, we will also need snacks, coffee and tea, and it would be nice to have pre-dinner reception as well. In consultation with Wabash staff we have budgeted $125.00 per person for each workshop.

Meeting Rooms (AAR Rates)

  • $55 per 2.5-hour block X 4 per workshop = $220
  • $25 Room Set Change Fee for other than theater set X 2 per workshop= $50
  • $75 Catered event cleaning and ordering fee (food and beverage payment arranged directly with meeting facility) X 2 per workshop = $150

  • = $420 per workshop


  • Project director will ensure meeting rooms are booked, food is ordered, supplies are present, and stipends are paid. For this work the project director will receive $500.00 per workshop.

  • Consultants will receive $300.00 for each workshop. The stipend for them is based on their expertise on teaching about religion in institutions of higher education and their experience with running teaching workshops. Their ability to enhance the cooperation and productive dialogue among participants will be of great value to the workshop and merits a larger stipend.

  • Each participant will help with planning and facilitating one of the sessions in one of the workshops for which they will receive a stipend of $250.00.

Administration and supplies/per workshop

  • Student administrative assistant to help participant administrator: 10 hours X $10.00 + $7.65 FICA benefits =$107.65

  • giant note pads 4 pack $89.99

  • note pads 12 pack $4.98 X 2 =$10.00

  • markers 12 pack $5.58 X 2= $12.00

  • tax and delivery =$38.00

  • photocopies =$95.00

  • postage= $50.00

Total Administrative Costs = $403 per workshop


Excerpt from a grant proposal for a project to gather a seminary’s faculty to discuss their integrating seminar.

Line Item Budget

1st 2nd 3rd
Fall Retreat $2740 $2740 $2740
Retreat Consultant $1200 $1200 $1200
Field Supervisor’s lunch $130
Consultant $1200 $1200 $1200
Faculty Committee $800 $800
Books and Resources $450 $220 $100
Total $7220 $6160 $6040

Three Year Budge Total = $19,420

Budget Narrative

Retreats – Three two-day August retreats includes 22 faculty at $120 each for food and lodging ($2640); set-up meeting room fee ($100). Faculty will assemble at a nearby ranch for the retreats. Food and lodging and meeting rooms are figured as a group per person cost.

Year One Retreat will focus on reviewing current pedagogical approaches to integration.
Year Two Retreat will focus on designing a plan to enhance integration of learning in the M.Div. program.
Year Three Retreat will focus on the implementation and assessment process.

Consultant – A stipend and travel will be paid to an outside consultant during the grant period. Initial contact was made with the consultant who has agreed to act as our project consultant/facilitator over the three-year period. He will facilitate the faculty retreats and come to campus at least once a year to review the progress of the project.

Field Supervisors Stipend and Lunch – Students are required to complete field placements. During these placements supervisors observe how effectively students are able to integrate their theology with experience. Twenty supervisors will act as consultants to OST and participate in a workshop and lunch to give input to process of integration. (Stipend 20 x $75=1500; Lunch 20 x $7.00=$140)

Books and resources – This budgeted item provides funds to purchase books and/or to print articles in preparation for participation in retreats and workshops. Supplies for meetings, printing costs, binders will be included in this item.

Faculty Committee – A faculty committee will be formed during the second year to assist the program director in formulating the plan and assessment tool for the integration process. This $1600 will provide stipends for the faculty who work on the committee. (4 members will be paid $200 each year for their additional work.)

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