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"Approaching Religion is an academic open access journal published by the Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History in Åbo, Finland. Its purpose is to publish current research on religion and to offer a platform for scholarly co-operation and debate within the field. The journal appears twice a year and consists of articles, book reviews and discussions. It addresses an international readership and, as the title suggests, approaches the field of religion from a broad perspective, engaging contributors from different theoretical and methodological traditions."

"CrossCurrents is a global network for people of faith and intelligence who are committed to connecting the wisdom of the heart and the life of the mind. In print, online and in real time, we bring people together across lines of difference around issues of common concern."

"The Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies has been established to promote the study of Arabic language and literature and Islamic civilization through the publication of research articles, review articles, and occasional communications and shorter reviews."

"World Christianity is a field of study that encompasses analysis of the histories, practices, and discourses of Christianity as is found on six continents. The Journal of World Christianity is particularly concerned with comparative studies of both local forms of Christianity in the areas in which it has historically existed or presently exists, and with the place of Christianity in inter-religious dialogue, the history of interactions between Christianity and persons of other faiths, and interactions between Christian groups separated by confessional, ecclesiastical, geographical, or geo-political divides."

"The Mythological Studies Journal of Pacifica Graduate Institute is a student journal and features writing by students currently enrolled in Pacifica's Mythological Studies programs. In addition, a peer-review board of students is responsible for selecting and reviewing writing for publication."

This online publication contains substantive articles about Polanyi's thought, book reviews, and news items.

Published at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Huntington, New York.

"Stone-Campbell Journal provides a scholarly platform for biblical interpretation, history, theology, philosophy, apologetics, and cultural criticism for those who value the perspective of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement and who endeavor to advance its distinctive principles today." This print publication offers some articles online, along with a search feature.

"Since 1993, The Medieval Review (TMR; formerly the Bryn Mawr Medieval Review) has been publishing reviews of current work in all areas of Medieval Studies, a field it interprets as broadly as possible. The electronic medium allows for very rapid publication of reviews, and provides a computer searchable archive of past reviews, both of which are of great utility to scholars and students around the world."

"The aim of anpere is to offer a flexible and relevant channel for researches as well as lay people interested in questions pertaining to the anthropology of religion. Common to all articles published here is their anthropological perspectives on religion. This means that the articles focus upon how religious individuals and groups relate to their religion and religious practice, and how outsiders understand this. Religious thoughts, practices and artefacts thus constitute the points of departure for the later contextualization, which appears in the analysis of the empirical material."

"The Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture is a peer-reviewed academic journal, publishing articles, research reports and book reviews. All JRMDC content is free to access online. JRMDC is sponsored by CODEC, a research initiative based at St John’s College, Durham University, UK."

"A peer-reviewed electronic journal, The Levantine Review publishes scholarship (in English, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, Syriac, and Levantine vernaculars) on the history, cultures, religions, politics, and the intellectual, philological, and literary traditions of the contemporary Levant and Near East."

"The Journal of Family and Community Ministries: Resources for Christian Leaders (JFCM) is an online, peer-reviewed journal that provides research-based articles to congregational and ministry leaders as they seek to serve others locally and globally. JFCM publishes content in a number of different sections relevant to the Christian faith of families, the life of congregations, and ways to know and care for others beyond the congregation. JFCM contains both research-based articles and annotated topical bibliographies." Hosted at Baylor University.

"The Journal of Analytic Theology is an open access, international journal that publishes articles, book reviews, and book symposia that explore theological and meta-theological topics in a manner that prizes terminological clarity and argumentative rigor. This includes historical studies that seek to elucidate conceptual challenges or explore strategies for addressing them." A joint publication of the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame and Baylor University.

"Performance and Spirituality is the online, peer-reviewed journal of the Institute for the Study of Performance and Spirituality, the mission of which is to foster deeper research intersections between performance/theatre/media-based art and religion/spirituality."

"Byzantina Symmeikta is an international peer-reviewed open-access electronic journal published by the Institute for Byzantine Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. It provides a forum for the publication of original research in the field of Byzantine studies. We invite articles from a broad range of fields within Byzantine studies, and are especially interested in promoting interdisciplinary approaches."

"Founded in 2009, the International Journal of African Catholicism is an ecumenical, interdisciplinary, academic, peer-reviewed on-line journal to promote discussion within the African catholic community and to promote dialogue between African and international scholars."

"JSIJ is a peer-reviewed, electronic journal dealing with all fields of Jewish studies, which is distributed free of charge via the Internet."

"Medieval Philosophy and Theology is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of original articles in all areas of medieval philosophy, including logic and natural science, and in medieval theology, including Christian, Jewish, and Islamic. Coverage extends from the Patristic period through the neoscholasticism of the seventeenth century." 1991-2003 are available online.

"Caring Connections is written by and for Lutheran practitioners and educators in the fields of pastoral care, counseling, and education. Seeking to promote both breadth and depth of reflection on the theology and practice of ministry in Lutheran tradition. Caring Connections intends to be academically informed, yet readable; solidly grounded in the practice of ministry; and theologically probing."

"The Journal of Religious Leadership is a semi-annual publication sponsored by the Academy of Religious Leadership."

"An academic, refereed electronic journal devoted to the critical study of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament)."[indexed in ATLA]

"Hermeneutics and biblical interpretation have developed widely throughout Latin America in the last decades and in the beginning of this new Century. Most of the current results of this work have been published in Spanish and Portuguese. Our purpose is to include translations of previous works and new articles so as to contribute to the dialogue among scholars and other people interested in the subject in other parts of the world where English has become the lingua franca."

Lectio difficilior "is the first European refereed journal for feminist exegesis, hermeneutics and related disciplines (classical philology, archeology, egyptology, studies of the ancient Near Middle East, ancient history, history of art, social sciences, psychology, e.a.); offers feminist scholars and all those interested in exegesis and theology: scholarly articles, a forum for discussion and work in progress, as well information about new publications; is cross-confessional. It covers biblical studies from a Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, but also Jewish, Muslim or any other feminist viewpoint; is interdisciplinary. Contributions from related disciplines are published when a link with exegesis or biblical hermeneutics is present; offers especially European feminist scholars the opportunity to publish their scholarly work quickly."

"The Journal of Religion and Film examines the description, critique, and embodiment of religion in film."

"The International Journal of Mormon Studies is a European based internationally focused, peer-reviewed online and printed scholarly journal, which is committed to the promotion of interdisciplinary scholarship by publishing articles and reviews of current work in the field of Mormon studies."

"Methodist Review is dedicated to scholarly works of article length in all areas and all eras of Wesleyan and Methodist studies broadly construed (including biblical, theological, ethical, philosophical, practical, historical, and social-scientific topics and methodologies). It is specifically intended for and primarily focused on an academic audience that is global in scope."

"LFM publishes articles and manuscripts in French and English. It looks at religion at large, with a strong emphasis on Christian missions and their legacy. Geographically, it focuses on the African continent, though it aims to compare the latter with other areas as well. It offers a wide range of analytical perspectives, with contributions from disciplines such as history, anthropology, sociology, political science and theology."

Published by "The Lutheran Society for Missiology, a society of Lutherans who are interested in the Apostolic mission of God in today's world."

"In the spirit of the free philosophic inquiry that characterized the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, the Rose+Croix Journal is an international, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal that focuses on topics that relate to the sciences, history, the arts, mysticism, and spirituality, especially interdisciplinary topics and transdisciplinary inquiries that traverse and lie beyond the limits of different fields of study. These topics may relate to any of the arts and sciences and/or to other emerging fields of human endeavor."

"The purpose of this journal is to provide academically sound apologetic resources that will equip Christians (pastor and layperson) to engage critics and to answer the questions of seekers. Our vision is to bridge the gap between the academic world and the needs of the local church. This journal represents solid scholarship and provides practical resources for the local church."

"The aim of this journal is to promote international dialogue on Plato across different languages and scholarly approaches."

"The Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peace addresses both the problem of religion and conflict and the possibility and practices of peace, giving particular attention to peace. Articles address everything from interpersonal relationships to international politics and draw from any discipline or combination of disciplines that can illuminate the journal's central concerns. While the journal’s first audience is scholars, its aim is to be relevant and accessible to peace practitioners and anyone else concerned about these themes."

"This unique journal is a ministry—one that we offer especially to adult church members who are hungry for thoughtful and provocative resources to stimulate their growth in Christ. Each issue will focus on a particular topic seen through the lenses of a variety of theological disciplines. Lead articles, responses, and replies, as well as discussion-starters and an annotated list of resources for further research and reflection will be written by scholars whose concern for the church is that it continue to 'be transformed by the renewing of your minds' (Romans 12:2)." From Columbia Theological Seminary.

A collection of online articles, from Australian Catholic University.

Published by the University of Chicago Divinity School. Issues from 2000 to the present are available online.

"Peregrinations is published periodically by the International Society for the Study of Pilgrimage Art. Topics of research include: art and architectural history, medieval history and religion."

"The Journal for Christian Theological Research is an organ of the Christian Theological Research Fellowship in association with the Systematic Theology Group of The American Academy of Religion."1996-2007 archive.

"The Journal of Liberal Religion is an online publication through which Meadville Lombard Theological School seeks to promote significant dialogue and practical reflection on issues related to liberal religion. The editors of JLR welcome submissions which contribute to the study of liberal religion from any area of religious and practical theological studies, including but not limited to theology, history, religious education, ethics, and congregational and cultural studies."

"The Society of Scriptural Reasoning is a network of Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars promoting religious readings of scriptures within the Academy. We understand that the Abrahamic religions share a common habitus: the reading of scripture—however diverse our traditions and theologies. The Society gathers religion and text scholars into a conversation in which the richness and depth of these diverse readings can be uncovered, discussed, and interpreted. Philosophical and other disciplines of reasoning have served as essential instruments of our dialog, but they do not set the agenda. The agenda is set by the words of scripture and by the ways they speak to our urgent concerns and reform our personal and communal lives."

This online journal offers articles on theology and biblical studies.

This is "an electronic journal that seeks to provide pastors, educators, and interested lay persons with the fruits of theological, biblical, and professional studies in an accessible form."

This online journal is published twice annually by the Protestant Reformed Theological School.

This site offers articles on a variety of theological, philosophical, and historical topics.

This site offers an archive of articles from 1996-2008. The perspective is theologically conservative Baptist theology.

"The Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality (JMMS) is an online, scholarly, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal. JMMS seeks to be as inclusive as possible in its area of enquiry. Papers address the full spectrum of masculinities and sexualities, particularly those which are seldom heard. Similarly, JMMS addresses not only monotheistic religions and spiritualities but also Eastern, indigenous, new religious movements and other spiritualities which resist categorization. JMMS papers address historical and contemporary phenomena as well as speculative essays about future spiritualities."

This online journal offers articles on theology and pastoral ministry from a Reformed perspective.

"A refereed e-journal of articles, discussion papers, and book reviews that examine the life, thought, teachings, and spirituality of Saint Anselm of Canterbury as well as proceedings of programs sponsored by the Institute for Saint Anselm Studies."

"Published by The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives."

"The Journal of Biblical Integration in Business (JBIB) serves as a refereed forum for discussing faith-learning-life links in business. Faculty and business practitioners are encouraged to share their perspectives on how to best equip college students to live out their Christian faith in the workplace."

"The Christian Ethics Today Foundation publishes Christian Ethics Today in order to provide laypersons, educators, and ministers with a resource for understanding and responding in a faithful Christian manner to moral and ethical issues that are of concern to contemporary Christians, to the church, and to society."

"The journal brings together essays, interviews, bibliographies, and book reviews by scholars from throughout the humanities and social sciences. By focusing attention from many disciplines of study on one issue or question, the journal aims to be a unique resource for those concerned with making sense of the puzzles, perplexities, and promise of our time."

"The Journal of Religion & Society has been established to promote the cross-disciplinary study of religion and its diverse social dimensions through the publication of research articles, discussions and critical notes, and book reviews." Edited by Ronald A. Simkins of Creighton University.

"The Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion stems from the realization that as the world becomes figuratively smaller, and secular constructs such as law become more complex, an understanding of the role of religion within this transformation has become more crucial than ever. The Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion was not founded with a particular ideology in mind. Rather, its goal is to explore how law impacts different religions, and reciprocally, how various religions impact the law."

"The ANZTLA EJournal is the official serial publication of the Australian and New Zealand Theological Library Association. It is published twice a year to provide a means of communication between members and other people interested in theological librarianship in Australia and New Zealand. The EJournal contains lively articles, files, presentations, book reviews and reports by members and also bibliographers, theologians and other authors interested in theological librarianship. As well as giving excellent coverage of librarianship in this part of the world, it contains many articles of use and interest to an international readership. Papers delivered at the Association's annual conference are published in the ANZTLA EJournal."

"IJRR was founded to publish very high quality, original research on religion by scholars, regardless of their field of specialization."

"Religion and Society in Central and Eastern Europe is an open-access peer-reviewed annual academic journal reflecting critical scholarship in the study of religion in the region. As an interdisciplinary venture, the journal publishes scholarly papers on different aspects of religion in Central and Eastern Europe (sociological, anthropological, cultural, political, legal, historical, psychological, geographical, etc.). The journal welcomes theoretical and empirical articles, research-in-progress papers, book reviews and short communications."

This print publication offers many articles online.

An online journal, focusing on the work of philosopher Eric Voegelin.

"This Journal aims at an understanding of the works of Western civilization and contemporary views of these works. It seeks to promote a standpoint which is critical of dogmatic positions both within contemporary views and within the Western tradition itself."

"In contrast to fashionable methodologies that dissolve the human in the fractal complexity of cultural differences, generative anthropology (GA) attempts to understand cultural phenomena in the simplest terms possible: all things human are traced back to their source in the hypothetical scene of origin in which human beings as sign-using creatures first emerged." If you are familiar with Rene Girard's thought, this journal is in the same vicinity.

"Agathos: An International Review of the Humanities and Social Sciences intends to be an interdisciplinary forum for debates on real, fundamental, and living problems of the human condition and human society. The journal aims to stimulate reflection and dialogue among researchers from different places in the world, and to offer their hermeneutical approaches in the fields of philosophy, literature, linguistics, arts, history, education, religion, psychology, sociology, political science, and law."

"An open access journal publishing peer-reviewed articles, columns, and book reviews on contemporary trends in theology and pastoral practice." Published at Catholic Theological Union.

"Common Ground Journal (CGJ) is a publication of the iComm Ministry Network published twice annually as a resource for Christian congregations seeking to understand and faithfully live out their calling as the people of God in the world. The primary audience for CGJ is thoughtful Christians in congregations who are catalysts for growth within their own churches."

This site contains some online articles about Polanyi, in English and Hungarian.

"The Pontificate of John Paul II witnessed a veritable explosion of 'new life' in the Catholic Church around the world, a 'new life' that breathes the authentic 'spirit of Vatican II.' Communio: International Catholic Review has been a part of this explosion since its founding in the early 70s by friends and collaborators of the Pope such as Joseph Ratzinger, Henri de Lubac, and Hans Urs von Balthasar." This print publication offers some articles online.

"The Princeton Theological Review is a student-run, semi-annual journal that exists to serve students within the Princeton Theological Seminary body as well as the wider theological community by providing a resource that challenges, informs and equips them to become more effective and faithful witnesses to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is committed to engaging theological issues in ways that are grounded in Scripture, centered on Jesus Christ, formed by the work of the Holy Spirit, and oriented toward the historic confessions and contemporary reflections of the church."

"The Journal of Southern Religion is a fully peer-reviewed academic journal reflecting the best traditions of objective and critical scholarship in the study of religion."

"The Christian Business Academy Review (CBAR) is devoted to promoting Christian business education through publication of faith-based articles that focus on Research in Business Education, Creative Instruction, Curriculum Development and Professional Issues."

"Acta Theologica is a scholarly journal publishing articles in any applicable fields of scholarship within theology and religion. The Journal was launched in 1980 by the Faculty of Theology, University of the Free State, South Africa."

1975-2005 issues of the journal of Hume Society are available online.

"Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews began publication in January 2002. It is entirely devoted to publishing substantive, high-quality book reviews. Reviews continually appear, usually five to twelve in the course of each week. Our goal is to review a good majority of the scholarly philosophy books issued each year and to have the review appear within six to twelve months of a book's publication."

"Harvard Divinity Bulletin is a magazine that includes articles, reviews, and opinion pieces on religion and contemporary life, religion and the arts, religious history, and the study of religion. It appears three times a year—in spring, autumn, and winter issues. A sampling of its contents is provided here."

"The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to both disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship of a cutting-edge nature that deals broadly with the phenomenon of religion and cultural theory."

"Pushing the boundaries of both the study of religious practices and the discipline of practical theology, Practical Matters publishes a variety of media and genres, illuminating each of these areas and drawing connections between them. Practical Matters will publish 1-2 issues per year, featuring work by and for scholars, practitioners, and teachers." Maintained at Emory University.

"Renaissance was launched in January 1991 with an aim to communicate the true message of Islam and to purge it from various innovations which have, over the years, crept into its edifice. The basic idea behind its initiation is to present the teachings of Islam in their pristine form and to apply its principles in current circumstances with a view to present positive solutions to the problems faced in the fields of law and politics, economics and sociology and indeed in all the other spheres of life." Maintained in Pakistan.

"Primary Point is the teaching journal of the Kwan Um School of Zen." Issues from 2001-present are available online.

Selected articles from this print publication are available online. Its perspective reflects the evangelical wing of British Anglicanism.

"The mission of the journal and its publisher, the Fellowship of St. James, is to provide a place where Christians of various backgrounds can speak with one another on the basis of shared belief and the fundamental doctrines of the faith as revealed in Holy Scripture and summarized in the ancient creeds of the Church."

Our primary emphasis is the scholarly investigation of esoteric spiritual traditions, with a special emphasis on Western esotericism."

JSTOR provides open access to this historical journal 1908-22.

JSTOR provides open access to this historical journal from 1888-1922.

A theological journal published by Concordia Seminary (St. Louis).

"Themelios is an international evangelical theological journal that expounds and defends the historic Christian faith. Its primary audience is theological students and pastors, though scholars read it as well."

"Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations is the open-access electronic journal of the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations and is published by the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed scholarship on the history, theology, and contemporary realities of Jewish-Christian relations and reviews new materials in the field. The Journal also provides a vehicle for exchange of information, cooperation, and mutual enrichment in the field of Christian-Jewish studies and relations."

"The Journal of American Indian Education is a peer reviewed scholarly journal, which publishes papers specifically related to the education of American Indians and Alaska Natives."

JLARC is a full text open access online Journal published at Cardiff University, Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture. It focuses on the study of late antique religion and culture from the late Hellenistic Period to the early Middle Ages, also in relation to earlier and later periods, in particular Classical Antiquity and the modern world.

"WOMEN IN JUDAISM: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL is an academic, refereed journal published exclusively on the Internet, devoted to scholarly debate on gender-related issues in Judaism. The ultimate aim of the journal is to promote the reconceptualization of the study of Judaism, by acknowledging and incorporating the roles played by women, and by encouraging the development of alternative research paradigms."

"The Journal for Interdisciplinary Research on Religion and Science is a Peer Review e-Journal, an international forum for interdisciplinary research on Philosophy, Religion and Science, half-yearly, edited in English, French or German Languages by The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Religion, Philosophy and Science, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi, Romania."

"Homiletic is a scholarly forum in homiletics and a review of publications in religious communication. It is a freely accessible, peer-reviewed journal. Homiletic is sponsored by the Academy of Homiletics."

"An academic journal established to promote the study of Buddhist ethics through the publication of research articles, discussions and critical notes, bulletins, and reviews."

"The Journal of Global Buddhism has been established to promote the study of Buddhism's globalization and its transcontinental interrelatedness."

"The Western Buddhist Review is the free, on-line, peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the Triratna Buddhist Order and community. The purpose of the Review is to provide a forum for longer articles exploring all aspects of the theory and practice of Buddhism, and especially to explore the translation of traditional Buddhist concerns into the language and outlook of modern western Buddhism."

"A semi-annual journal dedicated to the academic study of Japanese religions. First published in 1960 as Contemporary Religions in Japan, it was given its present name in 1974."

"The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology is published quarterly and features insightful articles by the faculty of Southern Seminary as well as leading evangelical scholars from around the world. Select articles are available as downloadable PDF’s. When the print copies have sold out for an issue, the entire journal will be made available online."

"Kairos, Evangelical Journal of Theology is an academic journal for general evangelical issues, embracing complete thematic and disciplinary openness. It publishes works in various disciplines: biblical theology, systematic theology, applied theology, ethics, church history, church life and sociology of religion, philosophy, and psychology. The journal also publishes interdisciplinary work." Published in Croatia.

"The JMT focuses on Catholic moral theology.  It is concerned with contemporary issues as well as our deeply rooted tradition of inquiry about the moral life. JMT's mission is to publish scholarly articles in the field of moral theology, as well as theological treatments of related topics in philosophy, economics, political philosophy, and psychology."

"Religion and Gender is the first refereed online international journal dedicated to the systematic study of gender and religion in an interdisciplinary perspective. The journal explores the relation, confrontation and intersection of gender and religion, taking into account the multiple and changing manifestations of religion in diverse social and cultural contexts. It analyses and reflects critically on gender in its interpretative and imaginative dimensions and as a fundamental principle of social ordering. It seeks to investigate gender at the intersection of feminist, sexuality, queer, masculinity and diversity studies."

This site offers online articles from 1968 forward.

"The aim of this journal is to lend expression to the voices of orthodox and ecumenical theologians from different countries and universities worldwide. Thus contributions published here are not only from western orthodox theological faculties and universities, as for example Munich, Paris, New York, but also from the homelands: Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Moscow, Sofia etc."

This site offers articles on biblical and theological topics from a Lutheran perspective.

"This journal is open to all bona fide scholars in Vedic Studies. It is monitored for style and content by the Editor-in-Chief. Our aim is to disseminate our work quickly."

"For thirty years Direction has been addressing biblical, theological, historical, ethical, and church-related issues. A semiannual publication, Direction is supported by Mennonite Brethren higher education institutions in the United States and Canada."

This print publication offers some articles online.

"The IJFM seeks to: promote intergenerational dialogue between senior and junior mission leaders; cultivate an international fraternity of thought in the development of frontier missiology; highlight the need to maintain, renew, and create mission agencies as vehicles for frontier missions; encourage multidimensional and interdisciplinary studies; foster spiritual devotion as well as intellectual growth; and advocate 'A Church for Every People'."

"The aim of Cambridge Papers is to make clear the relevance of biblical teaching to a range of contemporary issues and to equip Christians to respond to the ideas which are shaping our society. Cambridge Papers seeks to make a strategic Christian contribution to public debate at a time of rapid social and cultural change. The choice of subjects is influenced by intellectual currents and important developments taking place nationally and internationally, both inside and outside the church. The titles of past papers show that difficult topics have not been avoided. Written from a Christian perspective, each paper presents a carefully argued case relating to an important topic, providing material to stimulate further thought and discussion."

"The Journal of Religion and Theatre is a peer-reviewed online journal. The journal aims to provide descriptive and analytical articles examining the spirituality of world cultures in all disciplines of the theatre, performance studies in sacred rituals of all cultures, themes of transcendence in text, on stage, in theatre history, the analysis of dramatic literature, and other topics relating to the relationship between religion and theatre. The journal also aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge throughout the theatrical community concerning the relationship between theatre and religion and as an academic research resource for the benefit of all interested scholars and artists."

"The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary is proud to introduce Encounter: Journal for Pentecostal Ministry, a scholarly publication intended to serve the Church of Jesus Christ by bringing transforming theological and professional insight to bear on the practice of ministry in the Pentecostal tradition."

"Begun in 1990, The Master's Seminary Journal is a publication of the faculty of The Master's Seminary. It is published semi-annually and contains articles dealing with the Biblical text, theology, and pastoral concerns. It also contains reviews of current books and significant articles relating to these issues."

"The Institute for Sacred Architecture is a non-profit organization made up of architects, clergy, educators and others interested in the discussion of issues related to contemporary Catholic architecture." This site offers an online version of the Institute's journal.

"William James Studies is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high quality, scholarly articles related to the life, work and influence of William James. William James Studies is an open-access journal so as to ensure that all who have an interest in William James have access to its contents. The journal is published online by the William James Society."

"To provide an inter-tradition forum for scholars who affirm the historic Ecumenical Creeds of Christendom (Apostles’, Athanasian, Nicæno-Constantinopolitan, and Chalcedonian) to constructively communicate contemporary theologies, developments, ideas, commentaries, insights, and affirmations pertaining to theology, culture, and history, toward reforming and elevating American Christianity."

"Material is published that explores the widest field of religion and theology - especially aspects that might not normally receive focus. JRRT deals with mainstream Western religions and spirituality, along with Eastern and Middle Eastern religious streams. There are also submissions dealing with indigenous religious culture along with new areas of religious development, and other religious and theological expressions that might not normally be addressed in mainstream studies."

This site offers articles from this Lutheran publication, covering 1960-1976.

This site is a major archive providing access to the following publications: Biblical Repertory, The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review, The Biblical Repertory and Theological Review, Catalogue of Princeton Theological Seminary, The New Princeton Review, The Presbyterian and Reformed Review, The Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton Review, The Presbyterian Review, The Princeton Review The Princeton Seminary Bulletin, The Princeton Theological Review, Theology Today.

"The mission of JGCG is to: Promote ethical, moral and spiritual values into the areas of economics, commerce, trade, international relations, global media reporting and communication, as well as personal virtues; Advance understanding and action on major global issues by civil society, the private enterprise, the public sector, governments, and national and international institutions; Promote collaborative policy solutions to the challenges posed by globalisation; Discuss the implications of marketplace and economic issues; and Analyze and discuss the problems and challenges of globalization not merely from an economic point of view, but also from ethical and moral perspectives."

This site offers articles from the Concordia Theological Quarterly along with other materials from the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod.

This print publication in the Lutheran tradition offers a substantial archive of online articles.

This online journal publishes articles within the Southern Baptist tradition.

"The Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry is published semiannually by the Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry, a ministry sponsored by the New Orleans Theological Seminary."

This online journal offers articles relating to Pentecostal history and theology.

"Didache: Faithful Teaching, is an interdisciplinary academic journal offered on-line that explores the intersections of Christian conviction, culture and education for the Church of the Nazarene and other international Wesleyan communities in higher education."

"An independent, open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of innovative research in reception history, broadly conceived, within and across religious traditions."

This electronic journal focuses on the interface between religion and cyberspace.

This journal focuses on Orthodox theology, history, education, and spiritual life in a current Canadian context.

"Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies is an electronic journal dedicated to the study of the Syriac tradition, published semiannually (in January and July) by The Syriac Computing Institute."

"The Institute of Oriental Philosophy's ongoing research projects include critical scholarship on Nichiren Buddhism, the Lotus Sutra and the philosophy of value creation, as the linkages between religion and humanism, bioethics, the global environment, and women's issues." Issues from 2000 - present are available online.

"The Roman Theological Forum is an association of scholars working with other interested persons for the advancement of theology and philosophy within the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. It addresses contemporary questions of theology and philosophy, beginning from a Thomist point of view, and it is promoting with special attention a neo-Patristic approach to the interpretation of Sacred Scripture."

"An open access journal publishing essays, critical reviews, and peer-reviewed articles on various aspects of theological librarianship and its contribution to theological education."

"Published semiannually by the Faith & Learning Committee and the Humanities Division of Missouri Baptist University."

"The primary aim of Vision is to help church leaders reflect theologically on the identity, mission and practices of the church from an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective. From the standpoint of the identity and mission of the church, the journal will foster the continuing efforts of church leaders to articulate an Anabaptist/Christian-based theology for church practices such as worship, preaching, membership, baptism, discipline, communion, and others."

"KB Journal publishes original scholarship that addresses, applies, repurposes, or challenges the teachings of Kenneth Burke, which include but are not limited to the major books and hundreds of articles by Burke, as well as the growing corpus of research material about Burke. It provides an outlet for integrating and critiquing the gamut of studies in communication, composition, English, gender, literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and technical writing."

"ANAMNESIS is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, academic journal dedicated to the study of Tradition, Place, and ‘Things Divine.’ The journal will strive to avoid ideological commitments and, instead, be open to diverse scholarship relating to our major themes. Tradition signals the importance of custom and our relation to the past. In this sense, it can be a guide to human conduct and a constituent of rationality."

"Inner Resources for Leaders is a popular-press magazine on the subject of leadership and Christian spirituality covering such topics as: Leadership and Spirituality; The Devotional Habits/Disciplines of Leaders; Devotional Reflections for Leaders; Leadership Profiles of Inspirational Leaders in Christian History; Spiritual Direction and Leadership; Spiritual Formation and Leadership; Christian Leadership in History; Theories and Models of Spiritual Leadership."

will attempt to assemble the best voices and insights from communities of color, promoting interdisciplinary and innovative investigation, and embracing new technologies of dissemination and empowerment."

, the journal seeks to promote the corporate worship of the church, and more specifically, to encourage the church to worship with vitality and integrity, appropriating the rites and services of the church, historically and ecumenically grounded, which enable us to worship together in the name of Jesus Christ and to honor the worship traditions of the past and seek to be open to new ways of expressing the heritage of faith they embody in ways that speak to us and for us in the present."

"Published by the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, the Catholic Social Science Review publishes scholarship faithful to the tradition's social doctrines. Scholars from a wide variety of social scientific and allied fields contribute to the journal."

"The Centre of Jaina Studies at SOAS established the International Journal of Jaina Studies (IJJS) to facilitate academic communication. The main objective of the journal is to publish research papers, monographs, and reviews in the field of Jain Studies in a form that makes them quickly and easily accessible to the international academic community, and to the general public."

is an academic journal that provides a forum for emerging scholars in the field of leadership studies. Contributors to this journal are Ph.D. students enrolled in the Organizational Leadership program in Regent University’s School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship."

"Eye of the Heart is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal in the field of Traditional Philosophy and Religious Studies. It addresses the inner meaning of philosophy and religion through elucidations of metaphysical, cosmological, and soteriological principles, and through a penetration of the forms preserved in each religious tradition."

"Christian Perspectives in Education is an online, peer-reviewed journal. It specifically focuses upon Christian perspectives in theory, research, and practices of education. The journal has a multi-level and interdisciplinary focus, inviting contributions from primary, secondary, and higher education educators and researchers from various academic disciplines including but not limited to education, communication, business, humanities, and psychology." Published at Liberty University.

"The Intermountain West Journal of Religious Studies is designed to promote the academic study of religion at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The journal is affiliated with the Religious Studies Program at Utah State University. Our academic review board includes professionals from universities throughout the United States specializing in the religions of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Mormonism, as well as specialists in the fields of Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology of Religion."

This semi-formal journal is published quarterly by the Australian Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

"The name Crucible has been chosen because the journal aims to fuse biblical and theological truths with the life, ministry and mission of the church in the world. It also has an echo of the Latin crux (it is possible the words are related) and thus is a reminder of the cross which is so central to any Christian thinking." Sponsored by the Australian Evangelical Alliance.

"Recognising that Foucault's work is being used productively across the globe and across a whole range of disciplines, the journal invites submissions of material that not only deals with his work directly but also material that critiques, updates and augments his claims across very diverse geographical, disciplinary and historical domains. The journal aims to cover the full breadth of these interests, including power, politics, law, history, social and cultural theory, sexuality, race, religion, gender studies, psychoanalysis, philosophy, geography, architecture, education, health studies, management studies, media studies as well as others."

"LUMINA is a refereed, interdisciplinary, research and scholarly journal of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, Philippines. It publishes articles from HNU academic community, alumni, and other scholars from the Philippines and other countries throughout the globe. Research and scholarly papers in the basic and applied sciences, viz.: social, theological, philosophical, anthropological, natural and applied sciences, among others, and book reviews are accepted in this journal."

"Lutheran Theological Review has been published for 20 years. It is jointly produced by the two seminaries of Lutheran Church–Canada, and exists for the discussion of theological issues within the frame of confessional Lutheranism. We have now completed the process of digitizing all back issues, and intend to post each new issue as it is available. The full text of these issues may be downloaded at no cost, and is available for non-commercial use in congregations and educational institutions."

"The LYCEUM is a journal of philosophy concentrating in traditional problems in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and the history of philosophy. The LYCEUM publishes professional articles accessible to both professional and undergraduate audiences, as well as a small number of articles by undergraduates per issue." Published at Saint Anselm College, New Hampshire.

"KRITIKE is the official open access journal of the University of Santo Tomas Department of Philosophy. It is a Filipino peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, and international journal of philosophy founded by a group of University of Santo Tomas alumni. The journal seeks to publish articles and book reviews by local and international authors across the whole range of philosophical topics, but with special emphasis on Continental Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, and East-West Comparative Philosophy."

"E-Theologos is a scientific reviewed academic journal, in which the contributions are published in the field of theology, philosophy, history, religion studies, religious teaching and related disciplines." Published in Warsaw, Poland.

"Launched in January 2007, IJŽS is a peer-reviewed, open access academic journal. As its title unambiguously proclaims, it is devoted to the work of Slavoj Žižek, a Slovenian philosopher/cultural theorist. Despite such predictably caricatured media portrayals as "the Elvis of cultural theory" and "the Marx brother", Žižek has attracted enormous international interest through his application of otherwise esoteric scholarship to contemporary mass culture and politics."

"This website contains the archive of HTS from 1995 to 2013 (Volumes 51-69). HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies is an influential and frequently cited accredited peer reviewed, Open Access journal, published since 1942, that promotes multidisciplinary, religious, and biblical aspects of studies in the international arena. Since 2010, Practical Theology in South Africa united and merged into HTS Theological Studies/Theological Studies,being permantently incorporated."

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