Religion 241: History of Christian Thought I
Requirements & Grading

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  1. Completion of all assignments on time for informed participation in class discussion. (20%)

  2. Two 10 page papers (the first to be a group project; 20% for each paper):
    Paper 1 due by October 15
    Paper 2 due the week after Thanksgiving break

  3. Occasional quizzes (20%)

  4. Final Exam (20%; short essays and/or identifications; 1-hr essay on Augustine) The exam will have two major parts: essays and identifications. The essays will require understanding of issues faced in the early Church and will involve interpretation of texts. The identifications will test your mastery of basic information, such as important events, names and dates which will be emphasized during the semester in study guides and other handouts, in the readings, and/or in lectures. (20% of course grade)

    Your work in this course will be evaluated and graded on the basis of your completion of course requirements and achievement of course objectives as evidenced in your writing and class participation.

    Communications may be addressed to Prof. Allison by e-mail :
    Robert W. Allison
    Associate Prof. of Religion and
    Chair of Classical & Medieval Studies