Religion 241: History of Christian Thought I
Books on Reserve in the Ladd Library

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  1. Athanasius, Life of St. Antony, transl. William A. Clebsch
  2. Augustine, The Confessions, transl. Rex Warner
  3. Bettenson, Henry Scowcroft, ed. and tr , The Early Christian Fathers; a selection from the writings of the fathers from St. Clement of Rome to St. Athanasuis
  4. The Bible (The Oxford Annotated Bible and the Oxford Study Bible are recommended)
  5. Chadwick, Henry, The Early Church
  6. Eusebius, The History of the Church, transl. G. A. Williamson.
  7. Markus, Robert, The End of Ancient Christianity
  8. Origen, On First Principles and other works, ed. Rowan A. Greer.
  9. Robinson, James M., gen. ed., The Nag Hammadi Library in English
  10. Ward, Benedicta, transl., The Sayings of the Desert Fathers

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