Skidmore College
Summer Session I
May 29th-June 29th, 2001
Class Times: M-Th., 3:45-6:15 p.m.
Class Location: TLC 201
Instructor: Prof. Nicola Denzey

Course Requirements:

1. Attendance at all classes. If you are sick, or away from school for an emergency, please let me know in advance if possible. You may send me e-mail or leave a message on voice mail. Absence from more than three classes over the semester may result in a lowered grade. Even though this is a film course and we will be watching films together you may have seen before, because of they way that we will be watching these, simply skipping class and "catching up later" by watching the film on your own will not be sufficient.
2. Readings must be completed in advance of each class, unless otherwise specified.
3. Coming in late, leaving early, and wandering in and out to go the bathroom is rude and disruptive; such behavior will be reflected in a negative class participation grade. I also expect you to stay awake throughout the film, so prepare accordingly!

Grading Policies:

1. To receive a passing grade, students are expected to satisfy all course requirements, as described above. Failure to meet any individual requirement may be grounds for receiving a failing grade for the course.
2. Students are reminded that they are bound by SkidmoreŐs Honor Code. It should go without saying that all work should be your own. If I discover that you have turned in plagiarized work, I will report this immediately to the Dean of Studies and you will receive an automatic grade of F for that piece of work, and, in most cases, a final grade of F for the course. The Honor Code also dictates that if you know that someone else is not handing in their own work, you are bound to report this. You may do this anonymously, or you may tell me or anyone else without having to worry that your identity will be reveal. A special note about internet plagiarism: unfortunately, the WWW has made plagiarism very tempting to lazy, harried or unethical students. Let me be clear: copying and pasting anything from the internet into a piece of work you will hand in clearly constitutes plagiarism. It must be placed in quotation marks and properly cited. You should know that as easy as it is to simply copy and paste text into a paper, it is equally easy for me to look up the passage in your paper on an excellent search engine. Know, also, that I hate doing this, that I do it often, and that every semester I have caught students handing in plagiarized material. In every case, I have failed the student and initiated a hearing before the Dean of Studies. For the student, itŐs humiliating and permanently damaging to your academic recordÉso donŐt do it!
3. For the purpose of determining your final grade, course work will be weighted as follows:

Attendance and participation: 25%
Four short papers (4-5 pages): 4 X 15% = 60%
Three short (i.e. 1-2 pages) film prŽcis = 15%

4. I will not accept papers submitted after deadline. If you need an extension, you must ask me in advance so that we can negotiate a date which is fair to everybody.

Film list