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Wabash College
Wabash Center programs are funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.

Wabash Center Staff

Wabash Center-Director
Nadine S. Pence
email: pencen@wabash.edu
phone: 1-800-655-7117
fax: 765-364-6051
Nadine Pence CV (pdf)
Wabash Center-Assoc. Director
Paul O. Myhre
email: myhrep@wabash.edu
phone: 765-361-6436
Paul Myhre CV
Wabash Center-Assoc. Director
Thomas Pearson
e-mail: pearsont@wabash.edu
phone: 765-361.6441
Thomas Pearson CV
Wabash Center-Assoc. Director
Tim Lake
email: Laket@wabash.edu
phone: 765-361-6094 
Tim Lake CV (pdf)
Wabash Center-Assoc. Director
Mary Stimming
email: stimminm@wabash.edu
phone: 800-655-7117
Mary Stimming CV (pdf)
Communications Coordinator
Sherry "She" Wren
e-mail: wrens@wabash.edu
phone: 765-361-6477
Sherry "She" Wren CV
Meeting Coordinator
Patricia Overpeck
e-mail: overpecp@wabash.edu
phone: 765-361-6047
Patricia Overpeck CV
Administrative Assistant to the Assoc. Directors
Beth Reffett
e-mail: reffettb@wabash.edu
phone: 765-361-6493
Beth Reffett CV
Grants Coordinator
Gina Haile
email: haileg@wabash.edu
phone: 1-800-655-7117
fax: 765-364-6051
Gina Haile CV (pdf)
TTR Copy Editor and Proof Reader
Karen Myers
e-mail: kajustle@gmail.com
Student Assistant
Taylor King
Wabash College
Junior, Religion Major
Student Assistant
Matthew Hopkins
Wabash College
Sophomore, Religion Major
Wabash Center 301 W. Wabash Avenue Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933 wabashcenter@wabash.edu
(765)361-6047 phone (800) 655-7117 toll-free (765)361-6051 fax

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