Search Tips

Searching for Teaching Resources and Information about Wabash Center Programs

The entire website is searchable from the search window displayed in the banner masthead at the top of every page.

General Results List

Search results are displayed in a 2 column layout organized by “Content Types”

  • Wabash Programs – includes all the pages that describe the various activities, projects, and programs sponsored by the Wabash Center.

The rest of the “Content Types” display a library of resources to support teachers. Each of these Content Types has its own dedicated search window on relevant pages.

  • Awarded Grants (including the abstract, the date, school and project director)
  • Teaching Theology and Religion (TTR, the Wabash Center’s peer-reviewed journal)
  • Scholarship on Teaching
  • Websites on Religion
  • Syllabi
  • Book Reviews
  • Videos
  • Blog

Click on the title of a record
or click on the Content Type’s label to see full Results List for that Content Type.

Content Type Results Lists

In each record:

  • Click the title to open resource websites
  • or click “More” or “Details” to open up additional information on resources in our book and article collection, awarded grants, and the full text of book reviews or blog posts.

Checkbox to Select Resources

Click the checkbox in the upper right hand corner of the resource record to select it and store it in a “shopping cart.”

The shopping cart is controlled in the Filter Panel

  • Indicates the number of records selected
  • Click to open a permalink of the records selected
  • Click to open a pdf of the records selected
  • Click to uncheck all records selected

Floating Filter Panel

  • Click to close (hide) or open the panel.

  • Modify your search terms and continue searching – either in that specific Content Type or a General Search (of the entire website).
  • Options to “Sort by” and “Filter by” vary by Content Type. Hover over the icon to read the label for each sort option.

Search Term Strategies

Search finds the exact word or phrase typed into the search box.

Search also finds similar terms or phrases (ranking them lower in priority)

There is no truncation or Boolean search capabilities.

Priority of Search Fields

  • title
  • abstract and table of contents
  • topic or tag or blog category
  • text of book review or blog
  • author or project director or book review author
  • publisher