Consultants for Faculty Conversations on Teaching and Learning

The Wabash Center provides facilitators for various faculty conversations about topics and questions in the areas of teaching and learning. We draw our consultants from teaching faculty who are skilled at assisting conversations that explore, clarify, and address crucial issues of teaching practice and learning theory.

In an atmosphere that is both collegial and thoughtful, our consultants help faculty, department chairs, and deans identify and respond to issues such as:

  • Understanding how students learn
  • Examining the culture of teaching and learning at your institution
  • Exploring effective ways to evaluate teaching and assess learning
  • Understanding how to engage and honor diversity in the classroom
  • Decentering biases that are brought to the classroom
  • Using digital media with thoughtful pedagogical practices
  • Using teaching strategies that involve community engagement, team teaching, online discussions, and faith commitments in the classroom
  • Relating pedagogical practices to institutional mission and curricular goals

Wabash Center Consultations may be a brief half-day or extend over two days of time. We provide the stipend and travel expenses for the consultant and ask the hosting institution provide all local hospitality, lodging, food, and travel from the airport.


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