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Wabash Center programs are funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.

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Other Funding Sources Overview

Teaching and Learning Grants and Higher Education Grants

Large Foundations

Salary Replacement Grants

Travel Funds and Summer Stipends

Grants with Residency Requirements

Grant Writing Aids

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...the workshops provided by this grant were immensely helpful to our unfolding work to learn how to teach more effectively in a global context and our multicultural and multiracial/ethnic classrooms. Thank you for the work and mission of the Wabash Center.
Dale P. Andrews and Hee An Choi
Boston University, School of Theology

Other Funding Sources

The Wabash Center awards grants only for projects focused explicitly on issues related to teaching and learning theology and religion in higher education.

We receive many inquiries about worthy projects that we simply cannot fund because they fall outside the parameters of our grants program.

Therefore, we compiled this resource list of other funding sources.

There are lots and lots of funding agencies – far too many for us to list. Below we have linked to other online resources for locating grants.

The red links on the right side of this page divide the list into various subtopics.

This list is necessarily partial and incomplete. (We welcome your suggestions and additions.) We have tried to focus on granting agencies that seem particularly applicable to likely Wabash Center web page visitors. But the world of granting institutions is vast and constantly shifting. Large segments of the granting world are missing from our very partial list, including: grants focused on ethnicity, race, or religious affiliation, most area studies grants, and most international grants. Our list is oriented toward scholars in North America. And we have not included grants that focus on community activism or language acquisition. There are many other omissions as well.

Thanks to Michael Penn (Mount Holyoke College) who first compiled this list in July 2006. We have added to it and modified it since then. Any omissions or mistakes are entirely our own.

Some Helpful Websites for Finding Grants:

American Academy of Religion
Louisville Institute
Association of Theological Schools

Fund For Theological Education - Grant finder

Other Agencies with Funding from Lilly Endowment, Inc.

American Council of Learned Societies – Fellowships and Grants

Federal Grants

Community of Science (despite its name it has lots of non-science grants)

Grant Advisor Plus

Fundsnet Services Online

Michigan State Univ.-Grants for Nonprofits: Religion and Social Change

Fulbright Programs

Duke University

Studying in Canada
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