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Four Calls for Papers

1. Teaching In Precarious Institutions 

2. Political Issues in the Classroom

3. Games and Learning in Religion and Theology

4. Teaching in the Context of Mental Health Issues 

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Aims & Scope    
Teaching Theology and Religion is an international peer-reviewed journal on teaching, published by Wiley-Blackwell in cooperation with the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion at Wabash College.

Good teaching and learning are essential for the vitality and effectiveness of departments and institutions of higher education engaged in the study of religion and theology. Teaching Theology and Religion sustains a crucial international discourse among faculty members about teaching and learning in the several sub-disciplines in the study of religion. As the body of scholarly writing on teaching and learning increases across academic disciplines, this peer-reviewed scholarly publication has become an essential forum for generative discourse about pedagogical issues specific to the field while contributing substantive, often unique insights into teaching and learning across curriculum.

Thomas Pearson, Wabash Center 

Associate Editors:
Eugene V. Gallagher, Connecticut College 
Kwok Pui Lan, Episcopal Divinity School

Director, Wabash Center:
Nadine S. Pence, Wabash Center

Editorial Assistant:
Beth Reffett, Wabash Center

Founding Editor:
Raymond B. Williams, Wabash Center

Editor Emerita:
Lucinda Huffaker, Wabash Center
Patricia O'Connell Killen, Gonzaga University

Editorial Board

Wiley Blackwell Publishing

 Read the Journal
Links to various ways to search, browse and access manuscripts published by the journal

 Write for the Journal
Links to guidelines, style sheets, and descriptions of the various ways to submit a manuscript to the journal

 Write a Book Review
Reflective Teaching - writing about teaching and theology

 Guidelines for Writing Outside Peer-Reviews
Read these guidelines if you have been invited by the editorial staff to provide an outside blind peer-review of an article.

 Guidelines for Authors Quoting Previously Published Material (pdf)
This is a large document and will take a couple of minutes to download.

 Articles published by Wabash Center Participants and Grant Recipients (2007-2011) (pdf)

 Articles published by Wabash Center Participants and Grant Recipients (1996-2007) (pdf)

 Editorial Board

Home page for the journal on the publisher's website.

The greatest gift of Wabash is the priority it gives to the vocation of helping scholars to be better teachers and better colleagues.
Dr. Damayanthi Niles
Eden Theological Seminary

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