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Critical Reflection of "Cultural Self-Awareness" in Counseling Training.

Awarded Grant
Park, Sophia
Neumann University

Learning Abstract :
Teaching the inequities people experience based on race, ethnicity, culture is like digging a well with a teaspoon. This experiential project had exposed to me a far deeper wells of resistant beliefs that lie in the unconsciousness of the students that keep them from opening up their minds and hearts towards change. However, I have also gained the insight that these deep-seated beliefs need to be exposed, brought to awareness, reflected upon their origins, and help students to discern what to do with them and what other truths they want to replace them with, all in an emotionally safe classroom environment. Bringing about changes to the beliefs gained through societal grand narratives, that lie beneath one's awareness, cannot be forced nor rushed and may take a very long time. Knowing this has freed me to see my calling as a teacher as a marathon and not a sprint, attacking one step, one misinformed "truth" at a time.
Wabash Center