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Embodied Learning in the Academic Study of Religion

Awarded Grant
Osborne, Lauren
Whitman College

Learning Abstract :
Through this project, I developed concrete techniques for engaging students as embodied learners in so far as such techniques may be in keeping with my broader course goals, overall approach, and teaching persona. I also asked how such techniques may be harnessed in a way that is "assessable." While in some cases I was able to measure student learning in assignments, I have concluded that embodied learning practices are not always in keeping with assessment in so far as it is currently conceptualized across higher ed; this does not mean the practices are not worthwhile, however. Finally, I have observed that embodied practices mirror a long history of embodied learning in Islamic tradition, which I would like to engage in further research with hopes to develop into an article about decolonial pedagogical practice and goals in Islamic Studies.
Wabash Center