AAR Student Lounge Roundtable

AAR & SBL Student Lounge Roundtable – Pedagogical Uses of Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, and Beyond

Saturday ‐ 11:30 AM‐1:00 PM
Hynes Convention Center‐303 (Third Level)
Co‐sponsored by the Wabash Center and the AAR & SBL Student Advisory Board

Bhakti Mamtora, University of Florida, Presiding
Bradley Erickson, University of North Carolina, Presiding

Join us for lunch and an interactive presentation about teaching in higher education. Many of us and our students use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to curate our identities, present ourselves to our communities, and ascribe meaning to our worlds. What are effective ways to use social media in the classroom? How can it be integrated with more traditional teaching strategies? How can we increase critical thinking about social media? This session explores effective and critically aware ways to incorporate social media in the classroom and in public discussions of religion.

Please join us for lunch and conversation. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged; please email Bhakti Mamora (bhaktim@ufl.edu) to reserve your spot. Registration deadline is November 1. Walk-ins will be accommodated if space permits.

Mary T. Stimming, Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion
Grace Ji‐Sun Kim, Earlham College
Brooke Lester, Garrett‐Evangelical Theological Seminary

Wabash Center