How To Apply

Submitting an Application for a Wabash Consultant

Please submit the following materials through our online application process:

  • Contact Information
  • Project Description Statement
  • Letter of Support from your Dean, Provost, Principal, or Department Chair

After receiving an application, we will identify a consultant from our pool of active teaching faculty who will be a good fit with your request. We strive to find a consultant who shares your institutional context and who has experience in the type of consultation that you request. Because all of our consultants are active teaching faculty members, these assignments will also be based on their availability.

Once a consultant is assigned, we will put them in touch with you to begin conversations and planning for the event. If at any time you or the Wabash Center consultant sense that this is not a good fit, we will do our best to find a different consultant with whom you can work.

Elements of an Application
  • Provisional Title
    Give us a sense of what you would title this if you were publicizing it to your school or departmental faculty members.
  • Contact Information
    We need information about the school, you (we assume you will be the primary contact person for the consultation), your Dean, Provost, Principal, or Department Chair (whoever coordinates the faculty members you wish to invite to the consultation), and an additional committee member who will be helping to plan the consultation.
  • The Project Description Statement
    Write a 2 to 3 page Project Description statement addressing specific aspects of your institutional context, the issue you would like to address with the help of a consultant, and your intended goals. This is the statement that we send to our consultants as they are considering the invitation, so write about the presenting problem and what you would like to have happen as fully and succinctly as possible.
    • Often our consultations address broad issues that you may not be fully able to articulate or that you want to find a way to explore through a facilitated faculty conversation. Examples might include issues such as: helping to understand how the mission statement of the school might be effectively articulated through the pedagogies in the classroom; working on diversity issues when a faculty is not diverse, or developing a departmental culture more focused on the current student body

      Your Statement Should Address the Following:

      1. Presenting problem, concern, or issue that has been identified for a consultation: What is the importance of this topic or issue? Who identified it? What outcomes are desired from the consultation? Also note any other institutional initiatives in which you are participating and their relationship to this request (such as other grant projects, an impending accreditation visit, or a past workshop or consultation).

      2. Description: Describe your institutional context by providing a profile of your school or department (such as the type of students, number of faculty, typical teaching load). the current priorities of the school, and any other factors that may influence the design or goals of the consultation .

      3. Ongoing support and development: Identify the people who have committed to work on the issue or concern and who will help you develop the follow-up steps. Let us know how much support you have for addressing this problem, both from the institutional side and by other faculty members.

      4. Projected Possible Dates: Please indicate any flexibility you have on the range of dates that you supplied in the application. Letter of Support


    • Letter of Support


    Please attach a letter of support from the Dean, Provost, Principal, or Department Chair that you have consulted about this application. Ask them to address the question of institutional support for addressing the problem that you have named and how it relates to other institutional initiatives.

Philosophy of Consultations
About Consultations
The Online Application Process

1. The first step in the online application process is to establish an online account. You will be prompted to type in your email address and provide your own password.

2. You may “Hold” your application at any time if you need to gather additional information and complete the application later.

3. Your application will not be submitted to the Wabash Center until you click on the “Submit” button at the end of the process.

4. Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to select the type of application you wish to use. For the Consultant program, click on the “Consultation” button.

5. You will be prompted to enter the required contact information and to attach the Project Description Statement and Letter of Support.

6. We recommend you print the application for your own records by selecting “Print” from your browser’s File menu (if you have Firefox, use the pdf button).

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