Payment of Participants

Processes and Procedures for the Payment of Honorarium

For programs which offer participants a stipend or honorarium, the letter of agreement will outline the kinds of paperwork and forms needed to receive payment. Participants will need to complete such forms as: a signed acceptance letter, Personal Information Form, Direct Deposit Form, W-9. Wabash Center will provide the necessary forms. Please note, as detailed in the letter of agreement, the deadline for returning all forms.

For international colleaguesplease be reminded that if you are employed by a school through an H-1B visa arrangement, you are not eligible to receive stipends. The Wabash Center, as an agency other than your sponsoring institution, cannot by law provide you a stipend. For preservation of legal H-1B status, H-1B workers should not accept any offer of honoraria or consultation fees.  Stipends, honoraria, and consultation fees paid by an employer other than the entity that sponsored the H-1B petition constitute illegal employment under USCIS regulations. With the stipulation of ineligibility for the stipend, colleagues who are holders of H-1B visas are welcome to make application and, if selected, fully participate in the programming of the Wabash Center.

Wabash Center