1996-98 Teaching Theology

1996-1998 Colloquy on Teaching Theology

July 27-31, 1996 – First Session at Wabash College
July 26-30, 1997  – Second Session at Wabash College
July 25-29, 1998 – Third Session at Wabash College

William C. Placher, Wabash College


  • To provide an occasion for theologians to reflect together on the teaching of theology and the nature of the theological enterprise
  • To develop resources for teachers of theology
  • To support excellence in theological teaching
  • To help set an agenda for the field

Front Row (Left to Right): *Lucinda Huffaker (Wabash Center), Ronald Quillo (Oblate School of Theology), David Goatley (Lott Carey Foreign Baptist), Serene Jones (Yale Divinity School), James Lewis (Anderson University).

Second Row: Noel Erskine (Candler School of Theology), +Luke Johnson (Candler School of Theology), Stephen Webb (Wabash College), Mary Stimming (Rosary College), James Buckley (Loyola College in Maryland), James Yerkes (Moravian Theological Seminary).

Third Row: Miroslav Volf (Fuller Theological Seminary), L. Gregory Jones (Duke Divinity School), Nadine Pence Frantz (Bethany Theological Seminary), Alan Padgett (Azusa Pacific University), *Raymond Williams (Wabash Center), *William Placher (Wabash College).

Not Pictured: Kristen Kvam (St. Paul School of Theology), Linda Mercadante (Methodist Theological School in Ohio).

* leadership/staff 
+ Lilly Evaluator.

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