2003-04 Pre-Tenure Workshop

2003-04 Workshop on Teaching and Learning for Pre-Tenure Religion Faculty at Colleges and Universities

July 16-22, 2003 – First Summer Session at Wabash College
February 6-8, 2004 – Winter Session at Scotsdale, AZ
June 23-28, 2004 – Second Summer Session at Wabash College

Leadership Team
Patricia O’Connell Killen, Director, Pacific Lutheran University
Richard Ascough, Queen’s Theological College
Carolyn Jones Medine, University of Georgia
Glenn Yocum, Whittier College
Tom Pearson, Wabash Center
Workshop Librarian/Resource Person:

S. Craig Churchill, Abilene Christian University

Front Row (left to right): Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre (Luther College), Anita Houck (Saint Mary’s College), *Patricia O’Connell Killen (Pacific Lutheran University), *Carolyn Jones Medine (University of Georgia), Laura Nasrallah (Occidental College).

Second Row: Sarah Taylor (Northwestern University), Margarita Suarez (Meredith College), Natalie Gummer (Beloit College), Laura Stivers (Pfeiffer University), Matthew T. Mathews (Calvin College).

Third Row: Sufia Uddin (University of Vermont), Loriliai Biernacki (University of Colorado, Boulder), James Miller (Queen’s University), +S. Craig Churchill (Abilene Christian University), *Glenn Yocum (Whittier College).

Fourth Row: Shane Kirkpatrick (Anderson University), *Richard Ascough (Queen’s Theological College), *Thomas Pearson (Wabash Center), Christopher Frilingos (Michigan State University), Nathan Rein (Ursinus College), William McDonough (College of St. Catherine).

* leadership/staff; + librarian consultant.

Wabash Center