2004 Theological Librarians

2004 Colloquy on The Role of the Theological Librarian in Teaching, Learning, and Research

November 3-8, 2004 -Session at Wabash College

Leadership Team
Linda Corman, Director, Trinity College Faculty of Divinity
Carrie Hackney, Howard University School of Divinity
Roger Loyd, Duke Divinity School
Paul O. Myhre, Wabash Center

ATLA Professional Development Committee Advisor:
David Stewart, Luther Seminary

Theological librarians play an essential role in the educational process. Institutional standards developed by the Association of Theological Schools highlight the need for librarians to contribute to theological scholarship–teaching, learning, and research–in ways specific both to the profession and to the particular school, its mission, curriculum, and resources. Yet in practice, the means of fulfilling this expectation are not always clear or immediately available to librarians. This colloquium explored the vocation of theological librarianship and promoted the development of strategies and skills for increasing the effectiveness of librarians in the teaching/learning/research process in their own institutional and professional contexts.

Goals of the colloquium: 

  • To provide an opportunity for theological librarians to reflect on the distinctiveness of theological librarianship as a vocation and a profession
  • To examine the traditions of theological scholarship in relation to libraries and librarians
  • To identify strategies to enhance the librarian’s effectiveness as a partner with faculty and students in the task of theological scholarship, recognizing that the library’s contribution depends both on the quality of its collections and other information and technological resources and on the ability, commitment, and vision of the staff who, in their varied roles in the library, are charged with facilitating the productive use of these resources in teaching, learning, and research
  • To explore the theological librarian’s role in implementing change in educational practices related to the impact of new technology, methods, resources, paradigms and trends on theological scholarship/librarianship
  • To provide opportunities for participants to develop collaborative projects/proposals that will strengthen teaching, learning and research at their institutions

Front Row (left to right): Derek Hogan (Campbell University), Jonathan Roach (Ecumenical Theological Seminary), Hannah Kirsch, (Asbury Theological Seminary), John Weaver (Emory University), Elyse Hayes (Seminary of the Immaculate Conception).

Second Row: Lugene Schemper (Calvin Theological Seminary), Laura Harris (Iliff School of Theology), James Skypeck (Boston University School of Theology), Monica Corcoran (St. Meinrad School of Theology), Angela Morris (Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary), *Paul Myhre (Wabash Center),

Third Row: Amy Limpitlaw (Vanderbilt University), Sylvia Locher (Ashland Theological Seminary), Emily Knox (The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church), *Linda Corman (Trinity College Faculty of Divinity).

Fourth Row: *Carrie Hackney (Howard University School of Divinity), Gerald Truman (Urshan Graduate School of Theology), Robert Mayer (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), *Roger Loyd (Duke Divinity School).

Not Pictured:  +David Stewart (Luther Seminary).

* leadership/staff; + ATLA consultant.

Wabash Center