2006-07 Pre-Tenure Workshop

2006-07 Workshop on Teaching and Learning for Asian/Asian North American Faculty

June 21-27, 2006 – First Summer Session at Wabash College
January 19-21, 2007 – Winter Session at Mustang Island
June 20-25, 2007 – Second Summer Session at Wabash College

Leadership Team
Kwok Pui Lan, Episcopal Divinity School, Director
Rudy V. Busto, University of California, Santa Barbara
Fumitaka Matsuoka, Pacific School of Religion
Seung Ai Yang, St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity
Paul O. Myhre, Wabash Center

Front Row (left to right): Ilsup Ahn (North Park University), *Seung Ai Yang (St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity), Carolyn Chen (Northwestern University), Nami Kim (Spelman College), Jasmin Zine (Wilfrid Laurier University), Khyati Joshi (Fairleigh Dickinson University), *Kwok Pui Lan (Episcopal Divinity School), *Paul Myhre (Wabash Center). 

Second Row:  Johann Kim (Colorado Christian University), Uriah Kim (Hartford Seminary), *Fumitaka Matsuoka (Pacific School of Religion), Joseph Cheah (Saint Joseph College), Diane Chen (Palmer Theological Seminary), Grace Ji-Sun Kim (Moravian Theological Seminary),

Third Row: Edmund Chia (Catholic Theological Union of Chicago), Frank Yamada (Seabury-Western Theological Seminary), *Rudy Busto (University of California, Santa Barbara), David Kim (Connecticut College), Anne Joh (Phillips Theological Seminary).


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