2006-07 MId-Career Colloquy

2006-07 Colloquy on Fostering Effective Teaching and Learning in Racially and Culturally Diverse Classrooms

July 18-24,2006 – First Summer Session at Wabash College
February 8-11, 2007 – Winter Session at Mustang Island
July 9-14, 2007 – Second Summer Session at Wabash College

Leadership Team
Fernando Cascante, Union-PSCE
Tat-Siong Benny Liew, Chicago Theological Seminary
Joan Martin, Episcopal Divinity School
Nancy Ramsay, Colloquy Facilitator, Brite Divinity School
Paul O. Myhre, Wabash Center

In this two-year colloquy, theological educators will gather on three occasions to address the challenges, opportunities and resources available for effective teaching and learning in racially and culturally diverse classrooms and institutional settings. We will define racism as an interlocking system of advantage as well as disadvantage based on race (Wellman, Portraits of White Racism, 1997). Participants will address four aspects of effective teaching and learning in diverse classrooms in the hope of engaging in personal transformation as a teacher and social transformation in classrooms through:
1. Understanding insights about the ways our racial, cultural, and ethnic identities shape our self-understanding and practice as teachers,
2. Enhancing awareness of students in relation to their racial, cultural, and ethnic identities and the ways those shape their experience in learning,
3. Exploring and developing effective pedagogical strategies for diverse classrooms and institutional settings,
4. Developing a more critical consciousness about what we teach and how we teach so as to use the resources of various racial and cultural heritages in ways that are respectful and appropriate in order to avoid reproducing the assumptions of the dominant culture.

Front Row (left to right): Valerie Bridgeman Davis (Memphis Theological Seminary), *Fernando Cascante (Union – PSCE), *Nancy Ramsay (Brite Divinity School),  Hee An Choi (Boston University School of Theology), Lai Ling Ngan (Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University), Loida Martell-Otero (Palmer Theological Seminary).

Second Row: *Paul Myhre (Wabash Center), Lisa Davison (Lexington Theological Seminary), Carol Lakey Hess (Claremont School of Theology), Rodolfo Nolasco (Providence Seminary).

Third Row: *Tat-Siong Benny Liew (Chicago Theological Seminary), Angela Bauer-Levesque (Episcopal Divinity School), *Joan Martin (Episcopal Divinity School), Gennifer Brooks (Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary), Efrain Agosto (Hartford Seminary).

Fourth Row: Bruce Fields (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), Randy Litchfield (Methodist Theological School in Ohio), John Hoffmeyer (Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia), Dale Andrews (Boston University School of Theology), Michel Andraos (Catholic Theological Union of Chicago), Paul Barton (Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest).

* leadership/staff

Wabash Center