2006 Educating Clergy Schedule

Wabash Center
Educating Clergy Conference

Chicago O’Hare Hilton
Winter-Spring 2006

Questions for the Conference
• Composition and Socialization of Faculty: Where will the faculty you envision come from? How do you bring new faculty into the teaching/learning culture? How are faculty formed as teachers?
• Teaching Cultures: Do theological schools have a distinctive pedagogical culture? Are there variations among different types of schools?
• Learning Cultures: How does school culture inside and outside the classroom contribute to learning and clergy formation?
• Effectiveness: Why—despite “good” teaching—do religious communities and graduates complain about clergy preparation?

12:00 noon Buffet lunch
1:00 pm Session I – Introduction and Research Overview
2:40 pm Break
3:00 pm Session II – From the Beginning: Composition Socialization of Theological and Rabbinical Faculties
4:40 pm Break
5:00 pm Session III – Teaching Cultures
6:30 pm Break
6:45 pm Reception
7:15 pm Dinner

9:00 am Session IV – Learning Cultures
10:30 am Break (checkout)
11:00 am Session V – Is Clergy Education Good Enough?
12:15 pm Lunch
1:15 pm Session VI – Take The Resources—and Run!
3:15 pm Concluding remarks and feedback
3:30 pm Departure

Wabash Center